Marc Carrière

Carole st-Aubin
Pontiac Oct. 13, 2021 

Marc Carrière has lived in Val-des-Monts his entire life and graduated from École secondaire Nicolas in Gatineau, then he acquired a degree in administration at the University of Ottawa.

Carrière has been single [divorced] for the past 10 years and has no children.

His interest in politics was sparked at a very young age. When he was elected councilor in Val-des-Monts, he occupied the position for four years [from 1992 to 1996], then became the mayor and remained there for 12 years [from 1996 to 2008].

“I became warden of the MRC des Collines at the same time as I was mayor in Val-des-Monts, and I was there for eight years,” said Carrière.

In 2008 Carrière was elected as a member of the National Assembly for the riding of Chapleau, a position he maintained for 10 years.

Carrière was also a member of the health and social services administration council of the MRC des Collines, vice-president of the economic diversification society of the Outaouais, and sat on the regional commission board of natural resources for the territory. 

“In the last two and a half years I was the Director of Economic Development for the MRC of Papineau,” said Carrière.

He was elected President of the Regional conference of elected officials for the Outaouais, was there for five years, all at the same time that he was the mayor of Val-des-Monts and Warden of the MRC of Papineau.

During his time there he tackled big issues such as agriculture and forestry, Carrière told The Equity. 

“The MRC des Collines is a young MRC; it was formed in 1991, just a year before I became councillor, ” he added.

Carrière has been a very active part of many committees and claims to know the territory quite well. He spearheaded a non-profit organization responsible for building an arena.

He was also instrumental in re-introducing wild turkeys in the area along with the Fédération de chasse et pêche.

Economic Development

“If you want to make a change you have to work with the citizens,” said Carrière, “Even if we seem to be a rich MRC there are problems with a lack of work and organizations.”

Carrière said he wants to put his leadership skills to use in helping to redevelop the local economy.


“We need to work very hard to develop our agriculture, and one thing I would like to see and work very hard to achieve if I am elected is to become a part of the National Capital Commission (NCC) board, because 80 per cent of the NCC is in the MRC des Collines territory,” said Carrière.


“Tourism, public security and the energy budget are other areas that I want to work very hard to develop,” Carrière said.

Carrière said he is excited and looking forward to working side by side with all the mayors and the council too. He said he wants to be a great partner because it is important to be a team.

“This is my community and I know it quite well. I have always worked hard for my county and I have a lot to offer; my experience, my energy and my knowledge. I believe they could all be helpful for the MRC and for the citizens,” Carrière added.


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