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McDowell throws a beach party

Glen Hartle
Shawville Nov. 30, 2023
The McDowell Elementary School in Shawville hosted a somewhat unusual winter party on Thursday. With colourful floral leis, tropical attire showcasing love for the sand, essential 60s era music wafting through the air, a tiki bar with fruit snacks and water, and a seemingly endless supply of party-goers, the McDowell Beach Party caught a wave and rode it ashore.
Brainchild of Bonnie Richardson and Greg MacIntosh, the party had been planned since September as a way to let parents know what their kids were doing in music class at the school and as a seasonal way to have something fun to do. The idea resonated strongly with parents and attendance was more than expected.
What was hoped for was fun and they had that in spades.
With MacIntosh on the keyboard and Richardson acting as emcee, conductor and sometimes guitar player, the roughly hour-long party was part sing-, dance- and clap-along and there was broad participation across the ages. On stage getting things going were the four-to-seven year old attendees of the school and they were encouraged to peruse the audience for would-be additions to the stage, which often resulted in parents and grand-parents making their way onto the gym floor as clear targets for young love.
Various tunes, popular across the ages, played across the mouths of the young and the less young. If You’re Happy And You Know It, We Are Children of the World, and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt resonated fully and these were augmented by a delightful rendition of Circle of Song with Richardson and MacIntosh and their Gingerbread Choir of youngsters. The evening culminated with a Conga Line and an invitation to limbo out of the gym and on to the rest of the season.

Bonnie Richardson leads the Gingerbread Choir in singing Circle of Song.


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