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Monday at the Shawville Fair

Fair wraps up with ‘last-car-standing’ smash up Derby

Glen Hartle
SHAWVILLE Sept. 4, 2023
The mercury soared into the mid-30s on the final day of the Shawville Fair but no worry, that had little to no impact on attendance at what is traditionally one of the favourite fair activities, the Demolition Derby.
Folks of all ages came out and came early, filling the long slopes
below the path of the old Pontiac Pacific Junction (PPJ) railroad tracks with lawn chairs, sun umbrellas and smiling faces galore.
And with reason. The Derby put on some four hours of smash-em, bang-em, run-em entertainment, roundly delighting spectators.
Derby announcer Chris Kyte kept things rolling smoothing and offered a little sass along the way. Wave after wave of derby car entered the well-cordoned arena for their turn to blow off some steam and make some more. The final three races were the absolute crowd pleasers with their “last car standing” approach. If your car moves, you’re still in the game. Bring it.

Sweet rides help close out Shawville Fair

Glen Hartle
SHAWVILLE Sept. 4, 2023
Closing day at the Shawville Fair always sees an amazing display of vehicular wonder with the Shawville Car Show & Shine. This year, some 130-plus entries made their way onto the fairgrounds to glisten in the sun and widely solicit awe. There were ‘69 Camaros, ‘49 Chevrolet trucks, ‘68 Ford Rancheros, ‘74 Plymouth Valiants and a good variety of motorcycles including the odd Harley Davidson.
Overall winner, Daniel Fournier, was chosen by his peers in what has to be a rewarding affirmation where each entrant in the show receives a ballot and they essentially vote one of their own to the podium. His ride is sweet and his name now adorns the Gloria Harris Memorial plaque.


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