Monday, June 24, 2024
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Mother’s Day

Dads, this article is for you. Coming up in just a few short days is a very important day in your partner’s life. Mother’s Day is one of those days that just have all the feels for all mothers out there. We wake up with excited kiddos, excited to pamper us and shower us with their love, cards, handmade presents and attention. It’s a day designed to make us feel like we are loved and appreciated. I for one look forward to doing just that for the moms in my life. This year is going to look very different for all of us and creativity is going to be a necessity.
We often do brunch on Mother’s Day, a way to pamper mom without having to go through the trouble of making a big breakfast at home. It’s something I always look forward to. This year with social distancing and restaurants closed, we will need to make alternate plans. You might be dropping off a special treat, having take-out delivered or having Facetime calls together.
Here are some ideas to get you kick started on gifts and acts of love for mom this year, because in the midst of all this craziness, it’s even more important to make those we love feel special and appreciated.
Handmade art and crafts
If this is mom’s first Mother’s Day, you need to make her something with baby’s footprint or hand-print. There are a million ideas online for this occasion. On my first Mother’s Day I received a family tree with my daughter’s hand-prints as the leaves. It also included my husband’s hand-prints. The rest of the tree was painted as well. I still have it framed in my bedroom as a beautiful keepsake. A quick search on Google, Pinterest or anywhere else will give you many ideas on how to make this keepsake and many others like it.
As children get older, they often have their own ideas of what to make for Mother’s Day. They consider mom’s favourite colour, the things she loves most and go from there. Some ideas to consider: making jewellery, paintings, questionnaires (I love when schools or daycares do this, ask your child a series of questions about mom and put it in the card for her to look back on), flowers, cookies, homemade coupons, breakfast in bed and so many more ideas.
Help them by brainstorming with them and providing them with the materials – and don’t forget the card. You can teach your child (if they don’t know how) to make an acrostic poem writing all the great things they can think of about mom.
Acts of Love
I always tell my kids my favourite gift is a day of no fighting or arguing and just being together. The no fighting rule needs many reminders throughout the day but it usually is a calmer day than most.
Make sure to carve time in the day to set aside for mom to enjoy some alone time, either drinking her coffee, reading the paper, taking a bath, going for a run, getting in a workout, reading her book – whatever her favourite thing to do is, make sure she gets to do it.
A phone call, virtual visit, a porch drop off.
A day off from cleaning, laundry, cooking – don’t let her lift a finger.
Ultimately, any gesture will be appreciated, it’s about the effort put into making the mom in your life feel appreciated.
Enjoy your time with family, here’s hoping the snow they are predicting for the weekend is just a rumour and another beautiful weekend is on the way.


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