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MRC Pontiac gets new economic development director

by Sophie Kuijper Dickson
Campbell’s Bay
Mar. 13, 2024
The MRC Pontiac announced the appointment of Pierre Cadieux as its new economic development director on Wednesday at a special meeting of the Council of Mayors.
Cadieux began working in the position the day after the announcement, on Mar. 14.
The MRC Pontiac declined THE EQUITY’s request for an interview with Cadieux about his plans for economic development in the Pontiac on the grounds that he needed time to become acquainted with the MRC’s current economic development projects.
Cadieux did however introduce himself by way of an emailed statement sent to Pontiac media.
“I began my career as an assistant to a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons and have since specialized in public affairs and industry-government relations. This experience has given me a great appreciation for both elected officials and the public service, which together work to create better, more forward-looking partnerships with the private sector,” Cadieux wrote.
“I come to the MRC Pontiac with relevant economic experience and I’m ready to take on this exciting challenge with enthusiasm and energy. I join all those who are committed to the socio-economic success of the MRC Pontiac.”
Former economic development director Guillaume Boudreau announced his resignation in Dec. 2023, and the position remained vacant until last week.

MRC Pontiac’s new director of economic development Pierre Cadieux (centre) began work in the position on Mar. 14. From left, the MRC’s warden Jane Toller, Cadieux, and director general Kim Lesage.


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