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Open house for CEGEP continuing education goes virtual

Pontiac May 19, 2021
CEGEP Heritage College will be hosting a virtual open house via Zoom for all of their continuing education programs on May 20 at 6:30 p.m.
The college has held an online open house in the past, but this is the first one they’ve hosted for . . .

continuing education programs, said manager of continuing education, Greg Graham.
“We’re going to have the Director General, the Dean will be there, we’re going to have representatives from the registrar’s office to help people if they have questions on how to get signed up. There’ll be people from the financial aid office if people have questions about funding and we’ll have teachers from all five of our programs as well as from our non-credit language programs because we’ll be offering those in the fall as well.”
In addition, Graham said there will also be graduates and current students in attendance as well to ensure that all questions prospective students may have will be answered. Even the people in charge of computer services who are setting up and moderating the event are graduates from the Heritage’s programs.
Graham explained that there will be one main room where people can gain general information on the school, but there will be smaller breakout rooms where professors and students will be available to answer program-specific questions.
“We want lots of people to come because it can be hard to go back to school,” Graham said. “If someone’s been out of school for a long time, if they’ve been working or they’ve had a different career, it’s nerve wracking. So it’s good to get your questions answered and to figure out what it’s going to be like.”
Those interested in joining the open house can join here: