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Party supports Whitewater Healing

Esprit Rafting played host to their first Life’s a Beach Party on June 16, with the event focused on live DJ sets and lots of fun in the sun. From left: Isabelle Bechamp guides event organizer Matthew Armour as he plays his first public performance.
Esprit Rafting held their first Life's a Beach Party on Saturday, featuring live DJs, music, games and plenty of sunshine. Pictured, Annie Soucie goes Flyboarding on the Ottawa River.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
DAVIDSON June 16, 2018
While most events and festivals around the Pontiac tend to employ country music, a brand-new party hosted at Esprit Rafting went in the complete opposite direction, by organizing a beach party based around dance and electronic music.
That’s all thanks to the DJs organizing Davidson’s first Life’s a Beach Party, who set out to enjoy an afternoon and night of dancing, games and fun, all set to their live sets, on June 16.
Event organizer Matthew Armour said he had been talking with some of the other featured DJs in January about hosting an event in the Pontiac, and soon after approached Jim Coffey, owner and operator of Esprit Rafting, looking to set it up.
“It was an immediate, ‘Yeah, for sure, let’s do something,’” said Coffey, on Armour organizing the party. “We’re pleased to host a big event with many of the locals coming out to support us.”
Featuring a variety of DJs playing their own sets, access to the Capital Cable Park services including Flyboarding and JetSurfing, as well as swimming, a volleyball court and more, there was plenty to do that afternoon, especially with the weather working well in their favour.


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