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Picnic party in Pontiac

Firefighters give a demonstration showing the power of the Jaws of Life as it tore through a grey sedan like a hot knife through butter. More than 60 kids got the opportunity to dart through a bouncy castle obstacle course, get their hands dirty with crafts and enjoy the show put on by Mini Cirque.

Chris Lowrey
MUN. OF PONTIAC June 16, 2018
More than 60 youngsters had plenty of activities to occupy their time during the fourth annual family picnic at the Luskville town hall on June 16.
The event featured just about everything from a bouncy castle to entertainers and even a demonstration by the fire department showing off the capabilities of the Jaws of Life.
Outside in the sun, the kids were treated to a performance by Mini Cirque, which puts on circus-themed shows for children.
After the show, children hopped and bounced their way through an inflatable obstacle course.
Inside, there were several craft stations set up for the youngsters to unleash their creativity.
They could also pick up a popsicle or freezie free of charge. Several parents also brought in some tasty baked goods to help raise funds for Parents de la Municipalité du Pontiac 0-5 ans.
But the highlight of the day was the Jaws of Life demonstration where the children got a chance to see the hydraulic tool rip apart a four-door sedan.


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