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Pontiac Cup adds sledding

The eighth annual Pontiac Cup hockey tournament expanded this year to include snowmobile races, in the hopes to draw an even larger crowd. Pictured: Chad Kluke pops a wheelie as he tears off the mound.
The Pontiac Cup returned for it’s eighth iteration, seeing 27 teams compete across three divisions, plus plenty of opportunities for partying, all in support of the Draveurs Leisure Centre. From left: William Digeon of the Renegades shoots a quick one at the Vikings’ Jeremy Graveline.
The snowmobile races drew a crowd lining the sides all afternoon, many enjoying a smooth beverage to help stay warm. Pictured: Lukas MacIntosh rips out of the starting line, digging into the soft, snowy mound with the back treads.
The tournament began eight years ago when Danick Boisvert started it as a project to fundraise for the high school’s graduation. Pictured: the Perks’ Fred Charbonneau fires one down the ice.
The decision to include the snowmobile races was agreed between Draveurs Leisure Centre board members to be a great chance for growing the event. Pictured: Pierre Laporte, organizer of the races, holds a shovel up to block the blowback from snow when a racer takes off from the start.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
FORT COULONGE Feb. 8-11, 2018
Those coming out to check out the annual three on three hockey tournament in Fort Coulonge last weekend were in for a treat with a whole new event included on Saturday afternoon.
The newly renamed Pontiac Cup didn’t decide to reinvent itself with just a name change this year, but added in a whole afternoon of snowmobile drag races across a wide variety of categories, hoping to draw a larger crowd in support of the Draveurs Leisure Centre.
“This was the first year for the races, we wanted to make it the biggest weekend yet,” said Danick Boisvert, the event organizer.
Boisvert has been organizing the tournament for eight years now, which started as a school project for graduation funding and the weekend has only grown bigger each year.


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