Monday, December 11, 2023

Pontiac Facebook group offers respite from online negativity

Tired of your Facebook newsfeed being hijacked by pessimism? Looking for a forum to trumpet the good deeds and altruism of your neighbours and fellow Pontiacers? You’re in luck.
In a showcase of the community’s generous spirit, a Facebook group has been created to do just that. Titled Shout Out Pontiac, the public group is open for anyone to join and is a platform for Pontiacers to exhibit the kindness of those around them.
Did a neighbour help you when your car broke down? Shout it out. Had an excellent server at a local restaurant? Shout it out. Did volunteers go above and beyond fundraising for a local initiative? Shout it out.
The group has but one rule: no negative posts.
Shout Out Pontiac’s creator Jim Coffey said the group was originally conceived in response to flooding along the Ottawa River and its tributaries. According to Coffey, while the flooding was a cause of stress for many within the region, he was moved by the sheer willingness of those around him to assist one another in their time of need. Wanting to show appreciation for the good deeds he was witnessing, he decided to start the group.
“A lot of amazing things are happening in the Pontiac and I think that those things need a forum or a space that can overshadow or be present with a combination of the negativity that often you find on social media,” said Coffey.
Coffey invites all Pontiacers to join and shout out the kindness and altruism of those around them.

Connor Lalande
Pontiac May 22, 2023


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