Friday, July 19, 2024
The Parents' Voice

Preparing your child for pre-kindergarten

We all know a few little four year-olds getting ready for their big school debut, coming soon. These little ones are so eager and excited to finally get to go to the big school their older siblings, friends or parents talk about. Read on for some tips to help with the going-to-school transition. For those of you with little ones still too young for school, jot these tips down for the future.
When packing lunches for school, let your child help pick out his or her snacks and let your child help make the sandwich, wrap or cheese and crackers etc… This way you know that your child likes the food they picked and this helps make snack time and lunch time enjoyable. This also ensures they have energy for their jam packed day.
Make sure you child can open and close the containers or baggies that you pack their lunch in. Have them practice with the containers at meal times before sending it to school with them. If you’re sending packaged food, a good tip is to pre open the wrapper so your child doesn’t have too much difficulty getting it open during snack or lunch time. They may be shy or timid and take a while to ask for help, wouldn’t want them to miss out on snack time.

Encourage your child to be as independent as possible. Take that extra five minutes to let your child put on their own shoes, coat, clothes, etc… This will go a long way in enabling your child to accomplish these tasks independently for school. A great way to teach your child to put on their coat is the flip trick – put the coat down on the ground let your child bend down put their arms into the sleeves and flip over their head. Also, teach him or her to button and zip up their coats on their own.
Make sure your child is comfortable being apart from mom and dad so that it is an easier transition to pre–k.
If your child is home with a parent daily, take him or her to grandma and grandpas for a few hours or drop your child off at a friend’s house for a few hours. These short visits will make your child feel more comfortable being apart from you and will make the transition to school easier.
Let school be fun for your child. When back to school shopping, take your child shopping with you and let them choose their new backpack, lunch kit and indoor shoes for school. Your child will feel proud to show them off to their new friends at school.
Another great suggestion would be to have your child choose their clothes the night before school so the morning isn’t as stressful. This helps remind them that the next day is a school day and may make your morning a little less hectic.
You can help your child learn to write their name by laminating their name on a piece of paper and giving them a dry erase maker to trace the letters. This will be a great start in learning their name and letters. You can also create the whole alphabet on cardstock.
Counting – count everything, all the time, everywhere. Stairs, grapes, cars, people, birds, animals. Practice together and make it fun.
Read to your child – They will be read to at school, often. Help them practice sitting and listening to stories so that they are more comfortable doing this when school starts.
Pre–k is a wonderful experience where they will meet new friends, participate in lots of fun activities, take field trips around town and explore the school community. Even though things may be a bit different this school year, one things for sure, your child’s teacher will work hard to make the experience wonderful for them.
Enjoy the rest of the beautiful summer vacation, back to school will be upon us in one short week.


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