Quebec says health care workers have until Oct. 15 to get vaccinated

Jorge Maria

Pontiac Sept. 13, 2021 

On Sept. 7, during the province’s daily COVID-19 briefing, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said that all health care workers will be suspended without pay if they are not fully vaccinated by Oct. 15. When possible, unvaccinated health care workers will be reassigned. “We cannot accept health care workers putting vulnerable people at risk,” Dubé said.

Increases in regional active cases are up sharply this week in the Outaouais as the latest data shows 263 active cases (13,329 total, 12,851 recovered) as of Sept. 13, 2021, up 77 from Sept. 6. There are nine hospitalizations at the designated COVID-19 centre in Hull, with three people in intensive care. The regional death toll did not rise from last Monday, and stood at 215 as of Sept. 13.

Within the RLS Pontiac, the CISSSO listed the following cumulative numbers on Sept. 13*:

  • Municipality of Pontiac: 127 (no increase)

  • Mansfield et Pontefract: 99 (no increase)

  • Fort Coulonge: 48 (no increase)

  • Shawville: 35 (+1)

  • Campbell’s Bay: 17 (no increase)

  • Waltham: 11 (no increase)

  • Bryson: 10 (no increase)

  • Otter Lake: 8 (no increase)

  • L’Île du Grand Calumet: 8 (no increase)

  • L’Isle aux Allumettes: 8 (no increase)

  • Bristol 6 (+1)

  • Litchfield, Portage du Fort (five or less minimum
    one case)

  • Sheenboro, Thorne: five or less (minimum one

    (*It is important to note that none of these figures represent the active case situation).

A previous version of this article failed to mention that when possible unvaccinated health care workers would be reassigned.


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