Sunday, July 14, 2024

Quyon Community Association hosts first Battle of the Bored

by Charles Dickson
Mar. 23, 2024
Thirty contestants forming eight teams with names like Quizzly Bears, Top Dogs and Chucky’s Chicks joined in the competition in the first ever Battle of the Bored games night at the Quyon Community Centre on Saturday evening.
The event was produced by six fun-loving volunteers: Laura Stewart, Kimberly Grant, Brenda Clarke, Lindsay Hamilton, Christopher Provost and Luke Young who together are the Quyon Community Association.
“The committee started just after covid to get people out and do stuff,” Brenda Clarke told THE EQUITY at Saturday evening’s event. “We’re trying to bring fun back to the community.”
Laura Stewart said the Saturday evening event was the committee’s first attempt at a games night. “We have eight stations set up, some are luck and some are skill games,” she explained.
Games ran the gamut from sedentary to active, and included mini-put golf, snakes and ladders, a card-matching game, a memory game requiring players to match coloured bottles, a dice-driven horse race, bouncing coloured ping-pong balls into an impossibly small slot, swinging a ring on the end of a string trying to get it to catch on a hook, and oversized Jenga.
“We keep track of the points and at the end of the night we’re going to have a first, second and third-prize winners,” Stewart explained. “And we’ve got some lovely prizes out here. We’ve got a bar going, and we’re going to have some snacks, and so lots of fun,” she said.
Teams were charged just $30 each to compete. As Clarke put it, “The event is a fun-raiser, as opposed to a fund-raiser.”
At the end of it all, it was team Bingo Wings, comprised of Becky McKay, Morgan Hobbs, Kelsey Perrier and Courtney Perrier that was declared winner.
Upcoming on the Quyon Community Association agenda are fireworks, a parade and games in the park on June 30.


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