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Shawville becomes suplex central

Classic Championship Wrestling put on an energetic show at the Shawville Arena on Saturday night, when 12 wrestlers took to the ring to fight across seven matches. From left: Jackson Sparxx appears down and out while fighting the British Brawler Ad Hutchinson.
Mall Cop Al chokes Johnny Carassy with the ropes, while the ref starts the countdown.
From left: Brady and Grayson Kilroy attempt some of the moves seen earlier in the show.
KC Spinelli prepares the chair in a fight against Mall Cop Al.
Wild Sapphire and the British Brawler Ad Hutchinson teamed up at the end of the evening, taking on Avista Varlowe and Jackson Sparxx in a tag team match. From left: Wild Sapphire throws Varlowe into Sparxx, while the British Brawler gets his revenge for an earlier match.
After the fighting was over, kids climbed into the ring to live out their wrestling dreams. Pictured, Keegun Lemay shows off the belt from atop the ropes.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
SHAWVILLE July 14, 2018
Men in tights held others in chokeholds while shouts of “Use the chair!” rang out from the crowd on Saturday night, as old school, high energy wrestling matches took over the Shawville Arena.
Featuring seven fights and nearly two hours of entertainment, the Classic Championship Wrestling (CCW) show was a hit amongst the attendees, all the while supporting this year’s Shawville Fair.
“It’s been a long time since hosting a wrestling event,” said Josey Bouchard, first vice president of the Shawville Fair and event organizer. “We did [have this] many, many moons ago and thought it’d be nice for the community.”
Jay McDonald, CCW owner, said their shows are all about the fans, as in getting them pumped up and involved with their shows. Featuring good guys and bad guys, clean and dirty fighting, lots of name-calling and plenty more classic wrestling stunts, the wrestlers were there to give everyone a good time.


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