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Shawville Curling Club to increase annual membership fee

Camilla Faragalli
Shawville Nov. 3, 2023
Annual membership costs for the Shawville Curling Club are going up $60 this year, following a motion at the club’s annual general meeting on Friday.
Memberships will now cost $380 per year, while junior membership costs remain unchanged at $150, and new members pay $250.
“We’re going to need to prepare for another cost increase next year,” said club treasurer Andrew Rowat. “It’s not like it’s going to decrease.”
While there were some concerns around the need to increase the cost of an annual club membership, the motion was approved by a show of hands with relative ease.
“We’re happy to have a stable, regular return to curling season at the normal time. So far we haven’t had any unforeseen enormous financial expenses and people are excited to get back to curling,” Rowat said.
Rowat also announced that the greatest increase in source of revenue in the past year came from the golf-simulator, a virtual golf station that was purchased and set up in the old squash courts mid-pandemic.
“If we didn’t have the golf-simulator, I think we would be in some serious financial trouble,” Rowat added.
Among the other updates given during the meeting came the news that board members Christine Rieux, Angela Sally, and Sara Knox will be stepping down this season.
Member Amanda McLachlin has filled one of these seats, and Rowat said there is “reluctant interest” amongst members to fill the two remaining vacant board positions.
What emerged, however, as the issue of most concern to club and board members alike was a need for new members.
“We’ve seen the membership dwindle over the last few years, especially after covid, and it’s concerning,” said board-member Roger Younge, to the general agreement of the room.
Members brainstormed various formulas to bring more people to the club, including whether to label some sessions as “daytime” or “senior” time slots.
“If they’re willing to come through the door, let ‘em curl,” insisted club president Joey Hannaberry.
The club celebrated its hundred-and-first anniversary last year. While a love for the sport undoubtedly keeps members coming back, a love for the socializing that comes with it is evident.
“I’ve been curling since I was a little kid,” Hannaberry said. “There’s one or two people I wouldn’t know, but I’ve seen most of these people for most of my life here.”
Phyllis Wilson, a Shawville resident, said she’s been curling at the club for over 40 years.
“I started to curl here in ‘78 and I’ve only missed one year, when I had cancer and couldn’t,” she said.
“Everybody comes in, they want to win, but if they don’t, so what?” Wilson added.
“You come into the club and have a good chat . . . It’s a good way to get us old seniors together.”
The 2023-2024 curling season will begin over the next two weeks. New members are always welcome.


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