Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Shawville Fair

Since moving to Shawville, my perspective of the fair has changed drastically. Growing up in Campbell’s Bay the Fair always meant back to school. It meant trying out your new school outfits, car rides with friends and so much fun. The Shawville Fair still means a few of those things to me, back to school time and fun, but now it also encompasses a lot of other things as well.
It’s a time for local businesses to get more foot traffic and a chance to showcase our beautiful hometown. It’s a time to make crafts, bake and make flower arrangements with your kids or on your own. A time for animal lovers to showcase their pets and gardeners to display their vegetables. A great time for organizations to fundraise. It’s also the time of year that you get to see people who’ve moved away. It seems every year I see people at the fair I haven’t seen since the year before. I love how this event helps put us on the map. I love seeing all the trailers, rides, booths and animals arrive throughout the week. It’s amazing to see our little town transform over the week to host this huge event and all the visitors that take in our small town fair.
Having said all that, it can provide its challenges when you’re there all weekend with your kids. Here are a few tips to live by when braving the fair with your kids.

  • Make a plan. Decide, are you going to eat before you go to the fair? Choose snacks to bring to keep the kids happy and to avoid meltdowns. Have lots of water to keep yourselves hydrated.
  • Expect to go on the same ride over and over and over. Most kids will find a ride they like and want to go on 100 times. Or, be patient if your child is afraid of rides and waits in line only to decide they aren’t going on.
  • Check out the schedule for the family stage and children’s entertainment so you know when to plan to be there and what shows you want to take in. We’re lucky to have the same shows repeated throughout the weekend so you’re sure to get to see it at least once with your little ones, check out the website for exact times and other information,
  • Tell your child if they are or aren’t going to be able to get a treat and or play games. If you want to avoid the tantrums of whether or not they’re getting a treat, prepare them for what’s happening. Perhaps they’re going to be allowed a treat one day or they’re given a certain amount of money for games, whatever you’ve decided talk it over with them and make sure they understand.
  • Take breaks from the midway and check out the animals, the shows, the craft building, the vendors etc. This helps with the stimulation. The fair provides non-stop stimulation on top of exhaustion, unhealthy food and a break in routine, sometimes taking a break from the high intensity areas is what we need.
  • Pack extra clothes for changing temperatures. If you plan to stay into the evening, be sure to have warmer clothes with you for yourself and the kiddos, especially this summer. Weather changes so quickly you don’t want to have to cut your time short because you’re cold.

I hope these tips help you plan your weekend. There’s lots to do for everyone, so have fun and take advantage of all the entertainment on one of the last summer weekends. See you at the fair.


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