Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Shawville installs safe crosswalk

The Municipality of Shawville installed a new signalled pedestrian crosswalk last week where the PPJ crosses Centre Street, near Pontiac High School.
There was already a designated pedestrian crossing at that location, marked by a sign and some faded paint on the road, but there has been concern over safety at the crossing for a few years due to the high volume of cars that use the road, a provincial highway connecting Otter Lake to Highway 148.
The new crosswalk includes a sign with a flashing light that makes it more visible to drivers.
“We’ve been trying for, I’m going to say, three years, to get something put in there,” Shawville mayor Bill McCleary said. “The school was very concerned about it, and they started the actual request.”
Sid Sharpe is a graduating student at Pontiac High School. They live with cerebral palsy, and so uses either a cane or a mobility scooter to get around.

Sharpe has been advocating for the installation of a safer crosswalk for some time. They said the crosswalk at the intersection with the PPJ is known for being dangerous, and described how students will often congregate at the intersection to cross as a group in an effort to stay safe.
Sharpe said they have had to wait for as many as nine cars to . . .


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