Thursday, July 11, 2024
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Shawville Shooz steps into the next generation

The Boutique Shawville Shooz store located at 387 Main Street in Shawville is now under new ownership.
The shoe store, formerly owned by Jill McBane, was recently purchased by Stephane and Michelle Landry, a couple native to the Pontiac region who hope to keep the Main Street staple running for years to come.
“My aunt and uncle started this shoe store many, many years ago,” McBane said. “My mom actually helped them get their first load of shoes.”
McBane has owned and run the Shawville Shooz store for the last six years. She said she’s ready to retire, and celebrated her last day on June 8.
“I’ve worked for 48 years,” McBane said. “So I’m gonna see what it’s like to wake up in the morning and not have to go to work.”
McBane put the store up for sale last year. That’s when Stephane Landry expressed his interest in becoming the next owner.
“I was telling everybody that came into the store that it was for sale. And Stephane finally came in and he was excited and said, ‘Oh, I always wanted to own my own small business,’” McBane explained.
Landry, who grew up in Fort Coulonge and now lives in Shawville, explained he and his wife have been considering the purchase since December.
“Jill is a family friend, and she thought that . . .


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