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Smackdown in the Pontiac

Andrew - Hell On Wheels - Stewart dazzling the crowd with his
wrestling acumen.

A wrestling grudge match for the ages took place at Pontiac High School. In an epic bout between certified heavyweights, Pontiac High School student and local wrestling prodigy, Andrew Stewart, took on his teacher, Jordan Kent. Under the wrestling pseudonym Hell On Wheels, Stewart thrilled crowds with his dazzling displays of skill and determination as he battled Kent’s dastardly and much loathed wrestling persona - The Teacher. When all was said and done, a sport known for its characteristic confrontation brought an entire school together.
Stewart and Kent’s wrestling rivalry started organically. Having known each other for a long time, the two would bond over the sport. Stewart - who uses a wheelchair - loves wrestling. Knowing this, Kent would pretend-reenact World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) moves with him throughout the school’s halls. These reenactments steadily grew to be more elaborate and the seeds of something much bigger were planted in Kent’s imagination.
“I had this crazy idea in the back of my head to pull off some sort of real looking wrestling match and make it into an event,” said Kent. “So I started kind of putting the pieces together and I did it mostly in the dark because I didn’t know if it was going to come together. And so it was really just like a day or two beforehand that I started letting people know the plan and saying, ‘here’s the script, here’s what I got’. And then it just came together.”
The energy was electric and the anticipation palpable as student spectators took their seats in the Pontiac High School gymnasium. Acting as an impromptu wrestling venue, the gymnasium boasted all the trappings of an official WWE event. Padded matts were placed atop the gymnasium’s floor to help cushion the event’s barbaric falls. Ring ropes were made taut to both assist in moves and dissuade escape. A referee was on hand to ensure a fair and exhilarating fight. The stage was set for something monumental.
The Teacher was the first to enter. Clad in a button up shirt, a formal-looking tie and a grandiose WWE-style wrestling belt, The Teacher introduced himself to spectators by handing out bundles of homework. This simple act did his likeability no favors, and he was smothered with boos and jeers as he showboated to the hostile audience.
With the spectators having finally settled down, the events emcee announced the arrival of the person they had all come to see.
“And now, the heartbreaker, the knockout artist - Andrew a.k.a. Hell on Wheels,” the announcer energetically declared.
The audience erupted with excitement as Hell on Wheels - the pride of the Pontiac - entered the gymnasium. Amongst the student spectators resounding exuberance, signs sporting slogans like “Give Em Hell” and “Hell on Wheels” could be seen waving pridefully by Andrew’s avid supporters. Taking a chance to circle the ring, Hell on Wheels soaked up his stardome.
The tension of the moment hung in the air as The Teacher and Hell on Wheels took to their corners. Sizing up one another from across the ring, onlookers knew this would be a match to remember.
“Let’s have a clean fight with no funny stuff,” said the referee.
With the “ding” of the start bell ringing throughout the room, the two went at each other ferociously. The Teacher’s attempts to engage a clinch lock were easily thwarted by Hell On Wheels. Having fought off The Teacher’s initial takedown attempt, Hell on Wheels retaliated with a well timed blow to The Teachers upper body, sending him flying into the mat. At the site of this, the crowd erupted.
Down but not out, The Teacher rose to his feet with a crazed look in his eyes. Pulling out his patented rope-to-rope running move, the audience’s eager chants of “come on Andrew” inspired Hell On Wheels to masterfully dodge The Teacher’s incoming attack.
With the back-and-forth action of the bout seemingly at a stalemate, Hell On Wheels showcased his calm demeanor in the face of adversity. Dazing The Teacher with a sly hit to his upper body, Hell On Wheels was quick to press his advantage and got The Teacher in an unbreakable hold. As The Teacher struggled to break free from Hell On Wheels’ hold, the audience held its breath. With the three second pin timeframe having been surpassed, the referee rushed over to separate the fighters.
“Victory by unanimous decision, Andrew - Hell On Wheels - Stewart,” the referee announced.
As the crowd rose to their feet and roared in excitement, The Teacher, accepting his defeat at the hands of a formidable opponent, presented Andrew - Hell On Wheels - Stewart with his well deserved WWE-style belt. With student and staff spectators alike chanting his name, Andrew - Hell On Wheels - Stewart basked in the sweet serenity of well earned victory.
“Andrew has an amazing attitude, he is quite inspirational,” said Jordan - The Teacher - Kent. “For people to rally around this event and make it happen is incredible and I am super thankful for being a part of it.”
While gracious in defeat, Jordan - The Teacher - Kent was nonetheless looking forward to the possibility of a rematch.
“Here’s the thing, the belt is his for now,” said Jordan - The Teacher - Kent. “If we have a rematch though, I am winning it back.”


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