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Social Notes

Social Notes – April 10, 2024

Quyon - Jillian Young

I’d like to give a big shout-out to Ryder Côté, as he just recently competed in the Nord Cup tournament in Paris, France alongside his teammates on MCN U-11. After going undefeated in the round robin portion of the tournament, Ryder’s team faced some disappointing results, eventually ending up in 4th place. However, it was an amazing experience to get to travel to Europe to play hockey, and these will be memories they will have for a lifetime. Ryder is the son of Troy Côté and Stephanie Belanger, and grandson of JP and Carmel Côté and Ed and Lorraine Belanger. Congratulations to Ryder on this awesome achievement.
Birthday wishes are going out to Vera Meredith on Apr. 12. Our family is sending big birthday wishes out to my mom, Elizabeth Young, on Apr. 13, as well as to my uncle Paul Lucas, celebrating the same day. Happy birthday to Jackie McBane on the 14th, and to Andrea Young on the 15th. Best wishes to everyone celebrating this week.
As I write these notes on Monday morning, the big excitement of the day is the almost-total solar eclipse that will be taking place this afternoon. I hope by the time everyone is reading this, all have enjoyed the spectacle safely, which we will not experience again for 20 years. Personally, I have always been a little scared of eclipses, and I won’t be watching with special glasses. Instead, I’ll be doing my best not to look outside at all during that time. That said, I know many are excited to see it and I hope they enjoy this rare phenomenon.

Waltham - Helen Perry

Well, we were lucky that we didn’t receive the amount of snow that they had predicted for this area. Some parts of the Ottawa Valley, eastern Ontario, Montreal and the Laurentians received huge amounts. Some lost power due to the heavy snow. Hopefully, this is the last snow storm for this year.
On Saturday afternoon a bridal shower was held in honour of Hannah Rehel. It took place at the Waltham Town Hall. Family and friends gathered to extend love and best wishes to Hannah. She received some beautiful and practical gifts and she expressed her appreciation. A tasty lunch was served.
Sheila Bissonnette of Pembroke, is celebrating a birthday on Apr. 12. We hope that you have a lovely birthday, Sheila.
My dear friend Pauline Pilon, of Shawville, is celebrating a birthday on Apr. 14. We hope you enjoy your special day Pauline.
Birthday wishes are extended to Julie Romain and to Sally Duff, who are celebrating their birthdays on Apr. 16. We hope that you both enjoy your special day.

Shawville - Lyse Lacourse

Allison Corrigan shared this with me for my column. On Apr. 6, 1975 a snowstorm occurred the day before and had continued the next day. Allison was working on that day and shovelled and shifted and got out of his laneway intact. He proceeded to get stuck on the 5th Concession. He shovelled and got back onto Highway 303 and proceeded to Shawville. Allison made it as far as the low area above John Grant’s residence. The road was completely blocked. Allison walked back to John Grant’s residence where he proceeded to call work to advise them he would be late and explained why. He went back to his car to try to get turned around. Gerald Watson came down by snowmobile as he was working the night shift and got a drive from Shawville. In the meantime one of Clifford Whalen’s sons came towards Shawville. He himself had gotten stuck between there and Hayes’. Allison followed his tracks and went by Portage as the road was good from Starks Corners to the pulp and paper mill. It was the only time in 35 years that he was late for work.
Happy birthday to Amy Evans and Bonnie Brisebois this upcoming week.
A break and enter happened early Sunday morning at O’Malleys. It is so unfortunate that this is happening in our community. Hopefully the perpetrator or perpetrators will be apprehended quickly.
The Four Corners Grocery Store and gas station at Chenaux burned down last night.
Today is Monday, Apr. 8 and the solar eclipse is on. It will be beautiful to watch.


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