Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Social Notes

Social Notes – July 26, 2023

Waltham - Helen Perry

A note of caution to all drivers, quite a few deer have been spotted along the highways this summer. Drive carefully to avoid them.
On Thursday night we received a heavy downpour of rain. This is good, as it will decrease our chances of forest fires.
Anniversary wishes are extended to Lindsay and Shawn Henderson who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary today.
Happy 56th wedding anniversary is wished to our dear friends Lyne and Ray Bechamp, celebrating on July 29.
Anniversary wishes are extended to Chantelle and Corey Spence, Christie and Ian Lavigne and Tina and Jason Pilon, who will all be celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversaries on July 29.
May all those celebrating be blessed with many more.

Quyon - Jill Young

I was treated to an extra special surprise this past Saturday. My friends and family gathered at Lindsay Hamilton’s for a 40th birthday “shower” in my honour. I was completely shocked, as I thought I was on my way to see the new Barbie movie with my niece. So many of the amazing women in my life were there and we enjoyed delicious snacks, played games and they even had gifts for me. Meanwhile, Tanya McCormick was there to help each guest create a piece of jewelry for themselves to take home. While they also each chose gems to create a bracelet and necklace for me. I was blown away by all of the special touches and thoughtfulness that went into it. We also had a good laugh at the gift the Rusesntrom brothers had sent for me. I think I’ll stick to the “Almost Heaven” t-shirt, but thanks guys. It was so much fun to have a shower, despite my lack of husband and babies. I am forever grateful to have such an awesome tribe of friends around me. Special thanks to my friends Lindsay and Sharon for planning and hosting this amazing afternoon, I’ll never forget it.
Happy first birthday to Hazel Renaud, as she celebrated on July 22. We also have birthday wishes going out to Decklin Albert, Wayne Ramsay and Grace Hamilton, all celebrating today. Happy birthday to Ryder Cote, Josee Simard-Prest and Curtis Young on the 27th, and to my birthday buddies and cousins, Stephen Rusenstrom and Jim Young, who share a birthday with me on the 28th. Birthday wishes are also going out to Mary-Sheila Keon on the 30th and to Briggs Richardson and Audrey Fraser on the 31st. Happy days to everyone celebrating this week.


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