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Social Notes

Social Notes – September 13, 2023

Quyon - Jillian Young

What a weekend that was in Quyon! So much fun, so much excitement, so much community spirit. It was wonderful to see. The festivities kicked off on Friday evening as Quyon Sports & Rec were hosting a 3-pitch tournament to raise money for field improvements and upgrades. A full slate of games with 10 teams registered for the tournament had action on both diamonds Friday evening and all day Saturday. Congratulations to the Murrnier team which ended up winning the whole tournament.
The 50/50 was won by Josee Gravelle, and the bat draw was won by Becky Renaud. I had a great time playing with the gang from Mountainview Turf, as we had lots of laughs and fun. A big shout out to the organizers and volunteers for a well-run, well-organized tournament.
Meanwhile on Saturday, the Quyon Community Association brought back the legendary Community Day festivities. This much-loved event featured all kind of activities and games for kids in the park, including face painting, 9-hole mini putt, a petting zoo, a dunk bucket, and much more. It was fantastic to see so many little ones out enjoying the fun.
There was also the Wall of Wonderful prizes, which sold out very quickly, a car & truck show, and the Black Jack was anchored in the Ottawa River nearby for all to admire. Cow Pie Bingo was held over at the skate park benefitting the QSR, and while the cow did not “deliver the goods”, they ended up drawing the winner from a hat and Lindsay Hamilton was the lucky name pulled, taking home $100.
On top of it all, there was an amazing schedule of local talent on-stage, featuring house band Unwound, the Daley family, Virginia Schwartz and friends, Rolly Bernier and gang, Des Allen, Lorne Brady and friends, Joanne Dubeau, Denny Welburn, and Gail Gavan. What fantastic entertainment, which was enjoyed by many.
At dinner time, the Quyon Lions Club served up an excellent Roast Beef Dinner, and the Community Centre was full of folks enjoying the meal. So many people gave their time and talents to revive this Quyon tradition, and it was absolutely wonderful. Many thanks to the QCA for spear-heading the initiative, and to the QSR and Quyon Lions Club for hopping on board to help out in making this a fantastic day for our community. We are already looking forward to next year.
Good thoughts and wishes are going out to Simone McCullough, as she was hurt in an unfortunate incident at the ball park on Friday evening. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
Birthday wishes are going out to Cassandra McKay on September 14, and to Bart Stanley and Josh Armitage, both celebrating on the 19th. Happy days to everyone celebrating this week.

Sheenboro - Doris Ranger

Belated anniversary wishes go out to George and Erla Picard who celebrated 51 years and to Roddy and Janet Morris who celebrated 28 years. Both celebrated on September 2.
Get well wishes go out to Bobby Dubeau of Chichester and Romeo Audet, married to Gail Venasse, of Pembroke. Please keep both in your thoughts and prayers.
Congratulations to Pierre and Diane Content of Fort William who celebrated their wedding anniversary on the weekend.
Bob Meehan who was hospitalized in July has now returned to his apartment. Can’t keep a good man down! See you in Sheen.
Belated birthday greetings go out to Amanda Sullivan and Christine Marcotte Moncion.
Birthday greetings and best wishes go out to Brenda Tallon, Sally Lapierre and Lisa Venasse on Sept. 8. Mado Keon, Jean Gleason, Louise Benoit and Angie Retty on Sept. 9 and Fredi Huntgate on Sept.13.
Congratulations to Brenden Adam and our granddaughter Brittany Goldberg who were married on August 26. The wedding took place at the home of Eldon and Julie Adam. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception.
Congratulations to Kim Carroll and Mark Letts of Ottawa who were married on the weekend. The ceremony took place at the Carroll cottage in Fort William and the reception was held at the parish hall in Sheenboro.
Congratulations to Anne Marcotte Schutt of Westmeath, Ontario . She was the lucky winner of the August 50/50 $5,000.payout in support of Residence Meilleur.
Vince and Lorna Agnesi from Sheenboro and their daughter Carla from Toronto spent over a week in PEI attending Vinces family reunion. Family attended from Sheenboro, Gaspe, New Brunswick, Toronto and Montreal. They enjoyed the great hospitality, beautiful scenery and excellent food.
This past Friday, a group of us travelled to Oiseau Bay Resort, via GSX-Griff Slaughter shuttle on the water. We spent a wonderful afternoon relaxing and swimming at the Oiseau Bay Falls. During the afternoon we participated in a spa session led by Cam Hillborn. It was a fun experience doing a facial treatment, using the Oiseau Bay clay and fresh watermelon cleanse.
Griff Slaughters water taxi from Pembroke to the Fort was a great way of transportation this summer. It provided a way for those who didn’t have a boat but wanted to experience the beauty of the Ottawa River.
Have a good week.

Waltham - Helen Perry

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to Hailey Romain and Todd Peters, who were married on Saturday. May you share many more years of wedded bliss.
Belated birthday wishes are extended to Mary Pilon, of Pembroke, who celebrated her birthday on Sept. 7. We hope that you had a lovely day, Mary.
Belated birthday wishes are extended to Susan Ethier, who celebrated her birthday on Sept. 10. We hope you enjoyed your special day, Susan.
Anniversary wishes and love are wished to Betty & Earl Grieve, who celebrated their anniversary on Sept. 11.
Gerard Dempsey celebrated his birthday on Sept. 12. We hope you enjoyed your special day, Gerald.
Birthday wishes are extended to Roger Beaubien, who celebrates his birthday today, Sept. 13.
On Sunday afternoon, the Ivy Hill Home Coming Cemetery Service was held. It took place in the little white church on Ivy Hill.
Reverend Walter Perry was the speaker. Reverend Walter and his wife Darlene sang beautiful hymns accompanied by Katherine Perry on the piano. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a lovey lunch at the Waltham Town Hall.

Shawville - Lyse Lacourse

Happy belated wedding anniversary to Philippe and Jean Lacourse who celebrated last week.
A new nonagenarian, Donald Kirkey, will be celebrating his 90th birthday. Donald will be celebrating with family and friends this upcoming weekend in Kitchener-Waterloo. Happy birthday Uncle Don.
St-Paul’s Anglican Church hosts a Hooley Friday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the church hall.
The Shawville Wesleyan Standard Church will be having their cemetery church service on Sunday, Sept. 17 from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.


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