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Spirit of the radio alive on the riverbank

The Pontiac Community Players put on their radio play of the classic The Wind in the Willows on at four locations last week, finishing with a performance in St. Andrew’s Knox United Church on Sunday night. From left: Cheryl Campbell, playing Rat, and Val Twolan-Graham, playing Mole, try to decide how best to help their friend, Mr. Toad.
Rick Valin, playing the motorcar driver, yells after Mr. Toad as the animal steals his vehicle.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
BRISTOL Dec. 9, 2018
Two local churches, Pontiac High School and Valley Heritage Radio were recently infested with all manner of rodent and one amphibian with a penchant for dangerous driving, as the Pontiac Community Players (PCP) performed their Christmas radio play last week.
Celebrating community and the importance of friendship, the PCP’s performance of the English literature classic The Wind in the Willows had audiences cheering, laughing and clapping all the way through, as local actors portrayed the timeless characters onstage.
The plot follows the adventures of Rat, Mole and Mr. Toad as they go about life on the riverbank. While Rat and Mole are near inseparable, seeking out excitement in their everyday lives, they get more than they bargain for when they begin to hang out with Mr. Toad, a wealthy, thrill-seeking character always looking for more.


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