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St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. This is a super fun holiday to celebrate with our kiddos. It’s also a day that requires no purchasing. So instead of buying anything, make some crafts and talk about leprechauns and leprechaun traps, rainbows, pots of gold and lucky clovers.
Here are some ideas of what to make with children of all ages to celebrate St. Patricks Day.
Hats - I once made these with my junior kindergarten class and they loved it and wore it for days. Make a black band around their head using construction paper. Then have them decorate (be creative here, green tissue paper, sparkles, confetti) or colour a large shamrock (and possibly cut out depending on the age of your child) and glue to the centre of the band.
Necklaces - Make a magical rainbow necklace. Lace fruit loops onto a piece of yarn or cord. You can help them choose colours to make a pattern. Draw a shamrock on a piece of foam (you can buy foam sheets at craft or dollar stores) and cut it out, stick a hole in it and lace it through the middle. Complete the necklace with more fruit loops.
Leprechaun Traps –
This became more of an idea in our house once all my kids were school aged, prior to this I hadn’t thought of this. The past couple of years they made traps with a friend.
To start off, listen to the above book (just copy and paste the link into your web browser). Discuss the good points and not so good points of the traps in the book and then let the ideas flow.

Gather all kinds of art materials; cardboard, paint, pompoms, pipe cleaners, confetti, string, dollhouse furniture and anything else they think of. Let them think up and construct the best way to trap a teeny tiny leprechaun should they appear in their house the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget the bait (can be chocolate chips, or any other little treat). Really, this is the perfect opportunity to let their creativity run wild.
Cooking - This is the perfect day to make green eggs and ham. Simply add some green food colouring to your scrambled eggs. Serve them up with a side of ham. For dessert you can bake some sugar cookies, cut into a shamrock and decorate with green sprinkles and green icing. Your kids will love adding the ingredients, stirring and decorating their yummy cookies.
Arts and Crafts - There are so many out there that it’s hard to choose which ones to tell you about, so here are a few of my favourites.
Leprechaun: Draw the shape of an oval face on a white piece of paper. Then stamp a fork into orange paint all over the shape (to make the leprechaun’s hair and beard). While waiting for that to dry, have your child cut out a large green top hat. They can glue the hat to the top of the head. Make a black band and yellow square to go on the middle on the hat. They can give their leprechaun a face using googly eyes, and a marker to draw a nose and mouth. Soooo festive.
Shamrock: Cut out a large shamrock (to fit a piece of construction paper) and tape it onto the sheet (don’t glue it because you will remove it at the end). Then using a pencil dip the eraser into green paint. Make polka dots all around the outline of the shamrock and once it’s dry peel the shamrock off. You will see the shamrock silhouette!
Marshmallow Printing (for little ones): Take a large marshmallow and dip it in green paint, then make three stamps in the shape of a shamrock, finish off by using their finger to make a stem. Make a whole bunch of shamrocks on your paper.
Rainbow: Cut a thin paper plate in half. Have your child pull apart cotton balls and glue them on to the plate making a puffy cloud. Then cut out long strips of rainbow coloured tissue paper (green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow) and glue to the back of the cloud so that they dangle from the bottom. There are a million cute rainbow craft ideas to search online if this one doesn’t appeal to you.
We hope you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your little ones. Until next week, play lots!


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