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St. Paul’s offers free winter clothing at pop-up shop

Liz Draper
Shawville Nov. 4, 2023
St. Paul’s Anglican Church was host for the Anglican Parish of West Quebec’s free pop-up shop for winter clothing on Saturday, and there was a steady stream of people throughout the day who were able to put to good use what was offered.
Donations of clothing, which included winter coats, hats, sweaters, boots and various other items received throughout the month of October were put on display for those in need to come and shop for free and take what they need.
Reverand Susan Lewis said that it was only good quality items being offered. “Anything that’s ripped or torn goes to the garbage right off the bat. We only put good things out,” she said, adding that people could take anything they wanted or needed, there was no limit, “as long as it wasn’t for resale.”
When asked what drives the parish to do this year after year, this year being the fifth, Lewis said, “Jesus calls us to look after a neighbour and this is one of the ways we can look after people in our community. We go out to the whole geographic region and ask for donations, so we’re bringing the community to do God’s work, partnering with us. So people donate and we put it all out, we manage the sale and nothing goes to waste.”
Lewis added that, at the end of the day, what was left would get donated elsewhere in the Pontiac.
“We will go to the women’s shelters and Bouffe Pontiac and AutonHomme and ask other service providers if they need anything, because we look after the Pontiac first, so nothing is wasted, nothing is left over.”
All in all, it was clear that Lewis was very passionate about serving the community, and judging by the turnout of those that showed up, the need for help is unfortunately there.


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