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Stimulating Baby

“Introducing your baby to a rich environment that builds her brain is called infant stimulation” (
I miss the days of babies and thought I’d reminisce with this article. Hope some new parents out there find this useful and interesting.
I remember time alone with my first baby well. I used to think how am I going to fill the day with her, what are we going to do, how am I going to stimulate her? Turns out it’s not that hard at all.
I remember reading my novels out loud to her, it would be a change from me talking to her non-stop. We also played lots of peek-a-boo, tummy time, she spent lots of time walking around the house and neighbourhood in the carrier (she was a fussy baby), I sung to her often and we played with toys. Your baby’s brain is growing and developing from before birth. As such, it’s so important to keep your baby stimulated. Playing simple games with your child can enhance their brain development.
Here are lots of simple and fun ways to stimulate your 0-6 month old baby:

  • Make sounds for your baby: make simple sounds like clapping your hands, clicking your tongue, snap your fingers, play soothing music for her.
  • Dance with your baby: dance around the room with your baby, make sure baby is held securely to you! Choose a type and volume of music that won’t frighten baby.
  • Sing nursery songs to your baby: repeat songs often with your child, you can have baby sitting in your lap bouncing them softly. Babies thrive on repetition and will come to expect the movements you make with them.
  • Play peek-a-boo; babies love peek-a-boo. Gently cover their face and talk to them while their face is covered then remove the cover, sometimes cover your face.
  • Use a mirror; show them their face in a mirror.
  • Teach your baby to hold; gently touch their hand with the object, and help them close their fist around it.
  • Let them explore different materials through touch, stroke their fingers on soft objects, wet objects, hard surfaces, rough surfaces.
  • Give your baby an infant massage.
  • Talk to your baby with different voices; a quiet voice, a happy voice, a loud voice, an excited voice, a sad voice…
  • Teach your baby to roll over, help encourage them by putting toys out of reach, when they follow the toy with their eyes they will begin to try and get to the toy.
  • Do the babycycle; move your baby’s legs in a bicycle motion, here’s a cute little French song to sing while doing this: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, violette, violette, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, violette en bicyclette”.
  • Read to your baby, read books, signs, flyers, recipes, anything at all.
  • Let them explore toys that squeak or rattle.
  • If baby has older siblings; chances are being around them and following them with their eyes can be very stimulating all on it’s own.

Chances are you’re doing a lot of these things with your baby without even thinking of it. If you’re sometimes not sure what to do with your baby, do a quick search online to find some easy ideas on how to stimulate baby, the above are some ideas I’ve used and some I found. Enjoy spending quality time with your brand new baby!


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