Monday, September 25, 2023

The Equity’s guide to staying cool this summer

Connor Lalande
Pontiac July 10, 2023
Whew… it sure is hot out there.
Shifting rapidly between muggy humidity and roasting dry heat, the summer of 2023 has arrived with a vengeance. While it is borderline un-Canadian to complain about the heat – considering our notoriously arduous winters – the sweltering weather being inflicted upon Canadians from coast-to-coast can certainly be a lot to deal with at times.
But fret not, THE EQUITY is here for you.
With weather like this, all one really wants to do is lounge beside some water and cool off. For those of us fortunate enough to own or have access to pools, this is not an issue. For the rest of us, however, some creativity is in order. Luckily, this is the Pontiac - a region blessed with an abundance of spots to cool off.
If beaches are your thing, then keep on reading. The Pontiac boasts an assortment of publicly-accessible beaches and shorelines across its wide breadth. Remember to swim at your own risk and keep an eye on the youngins.
In Mansfield-et-Pontefract, just off route 148, one can take a dip in the Coulonge River at the Plage du Point Blanc. With a sandy beach that drops into cool, calm water and an adjacent park for all manner of activities, what more could one want?
Up Sheenboro way and looking to cool off? Fort William beach is staggeringly large and beautiful. With Hotel Pontiac sitting mere steps away from the waterfront, the peckish and the thirsty will have no difficulty satisfying their appetites.
About 100 km down river to the south-east, the beach and adjacent wharf in Norway Bay are an excellent choice for summertime cooldowns. Boasting panoramic views of the Ottawa River, change rooms and swim docks perfect for quick and easy entry, the Norway Bay waterfront will surely not disappoint.
The one and only Sand Bay has a beautiful beachfront that is open to the public. Just keep in mind the beach is adjacent to private property, so make sure you are being respectful of local residents by not venturing on their property.
A mainstay in the summer for Quyon residents, the town’s beach is publicly accessible and an excellent spot to beat the summer heat. Located between the two docks on the waterfront behind the community centre, swimmers are advised to keep an eye out for boats while enjoying the water.
Further north, the Otter Lake Recreational Association maintains a hidden gem of a swimming spot at the far left corner of their yard. Take a dip off one of the two docks and enjoy the view.
Parc Leslie, just west of Otter Lake bears a beautiful 1,800 foot beach with some seriously inspiring sunsets. As it is a private campground, a fee is required for entrance.
For kids and the young at heart, municipal splashpads are dotted throughout the region. These can be found in Shawville, Campbell’s Bay, Quyon and a brand new one at Henry Heeney Memorial Park in Danford Lake.
Stay cool out there and try to enjoy the heat. It’s fleeting, and before you know it, we will be inundated with snow once more.


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