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The Fair comes to the Manoir

Brett Thoms
Campbell’s Bay September 16, 2022
Les Ami(e)s du Manoir St-Joseph held its annual Fair Day for the residents last Friday. This involved various activities, the highlight of which was volunteers from the 4-H Club bringing out some animals to spend time with the residents.
A recent covid outbreak at the Manoir caused the residents to completely miss the Shawville Fair, so staff did their best to bring the fair to them.
“We did exhibits where some of them put up their quilts for display, we had games, we had fair food like homemade beavertails and ended with the 4-H coming and showing off their animals,” said Charleen Moore, a personal support worker and activity coordinator at Les Ami(e)s du Manoir St-Joseph.
4-H members brought their cows, sheep, goats and rabbits. Every non-resident was masked up in order to ensure the outdoor gathering was safe.
Many residents, being former farmers or at least having past experience with farm animals, were thrilled to get the chance to interact with the animals and talk about them with the 4-H kids.
“It’s good for their morale,” said Moore. “It boosts them a lot, brings them back to when they were young, it’s things they had when they were growing up. They love animals.”
The Manoir has events planned for residents in the upcoming month, including seniors day and Thanksgiving.

Stella Vadneau talks to Shawville 4-H President Reese Rusenstrom about her cow.
Evelyn Duff, who recently turned 100 this year, pets a rabbit named Pineapple held by 4-H member Warren Sally.
Colleen Larivière, director of Les Ami(e)s du Manoir St-Joseph and mayor of Litchfield looks on as resident June Krose pets a rabbit held by Bryce Thompson.
Prize winning quilts that were hung in Manoir St-Joseph for Fair Day.


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