Tuesday, September 26, 2023

“The Four Bags” win third annual Father’s Day car rally

Eva Baldi
Norway Bay June 18, 2023
Six teams participated in the third annual father’s day car rally in Norway Bay on Sunday.
A car rally is an event where participants are given hints, clues and instructions that help them navigate a predetermined route from checkpoint to checkpoint. The Norway Bay Father’s Day rally adds the challenge of answering questions and participating in various activities that count towards the teams’ final score.
Upon their arrival, teams were given booklets to guide them through Norway Bay. The first stop was Ken Durant’s home, nicknamed “Kenny’s Museum” on the scorecard. Participants were asked questions about five of the items on his lawn as well as asked to take a picture on the large rocker at the end of his driveway.
The car rally was organized by Lana Marie Cowley. Her vast knowledge of Norway Bay is apparent when reading the questions because most of the answers cannot be found through a Google search. Along their drive, participants were asked trivia questions about historical figures, businesses and geographical landmarks. If they did not know the answers, they were encouraged to ask people along their route.
After all was said and done, the winner was declared to be “The Four Bags” team composed of Valerie Henderson, Hazel Morrison, Dorothy Cowley and Bev Ireland.
The day ended with all teams meeting on Graham Street. Cowley had a barbeque for participants and volunteers who helped out with the car rally.
“I thought it would be a perfect thing to do with your dad on father’s day,” says Cowley.
The car rally cost $15 per adult and was free for children under 16.


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