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The Way We Were

The Way We Were

25 Years Ago - Jan. 6, 1999
Truck sinks clearing river skating rink: It was not the Titanic, but for some the sinking of a Ford one-ton truck on the Ottawa River at Norway Bay Dec. 31 was just as intense.
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham and municipal employee Kevin Colvert were trying to get the skating rink ready for New Year’s Day when the pickup went through the ice in about two and a half feet of water at the east end of the rink. Graham says bore holes cut before they ventured on to the ice revealed nearly a foot of ice, more than enough to support the weight of the truck. However, an area near the outflow of a new culvert east of the rink didn’t have as much ice as the areas measured and when the truck was making a turn, a front wheel broke through the ice. While Graham was going to get the tow truck, the rest went in.
“Unfortunately the bore holes did not reveal the whole surface of the Ottawa River,” said Graham.
Workers used a backhoe to break up the ice around the pickup was on terra firma within two hours.
Little Jake another Dent in the family: Little Jake Dent was the first baby to arrive at Pontiac Community Hospital on Monday in 1999, greeting the world at 9:20 a.m. Jan. 1. He was welcomed by his sister Kaitlynn, 4, his mom Lisa and dad, Peter Dent of Quyon. He weighed in at seven pounds, 13 ounces.
“The nurses were great, the doctor, wonderful,” said mom Lisa adding Kaitlynn was born at a much busier hospital in Windsor, Ont.
Jake is the only baby born so far this year at the hospital, which is known for providing attentive, hands-on care in maternity. Last year 122 babies were born at the hospital.

50 Years Ago - Jan. 9, 1974
Michaud rink wins turkey bonspiel: Competition during the Christmas Turkey Bonspiel was of a high calibre and most important, everyone had fun.
Andy Michaud and his rink consisting of Lois Hill, Bill Hobbs and Terry Lalonde deserve special mention for fine play. They performed the feat of obtaining an eight-ender against Frank Finnigan’s team on their way towards winning the turkeys.
Runners up in the turkey bracket were Bob Bourget, skip, Joan Gray, Gordon McCredie and Una Hayes.
The social evening that followed the final games and prize distribution was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Thanks to the efforts of the organizing committee and decor by Edith Howie and Mary MacIntosh added a festive note.
Young Clyde places high at Royal Winter Fair: Even if their horses did not win the championship this year, the Quebec Clydesdale breeders should be proud of their participation in the Royal Winter Fair at Toronto. In fact, Doura Sweet Melody, a mare born in 1970 owned by Claude Young of Bristol was first in its section. It was a filly from the same stable that had won the title of Reserve Grand Champion and Junior Grand Champion in 1972.

75 Years Ago - Jan. 6, 1949
Local News: All this fall people have been remarking, “What a lovely fall we are enjoying”. Fine sunshiny days, a few days of heavy rain last in November to fill wells and to ease the power shortage, made ideal conditions for finishing up farm work and getting ready for the winter. The thermometer never fell below zero and the wood piles and coal bins stood up well because of the light drain upon them, to the great joy of the householder. Very light snow made choice conditions for Christmas shopping, visiting and entertainments.
That was up to last Tuesday, Dec. 28. That night, it began to snow, continuing throughout the night until there was over a foot on the level. Wednesday it turned to rain and poured most of the day, covering roads and sidewalks with heavy slush. The wise saw the possibility of a freeze-up and shoveled as much of it out of the way as possible. That night it went below zero and Thursday night it began to snow again and blow at about 25 miles an hour. This kept up all night and all day Friday. All roads were blocked with many drifts eight feet high. Snow plows worked day and night on Number Eight highway and the Bristol road but in spite of their best efforts, eight buses were stalled all Friday night at Luskville until dawn when they managed to get through to Quyon in the morning. Workmen due at their work at the mines or at the Portage development did not try to leave their homes. It was only by strenuous efforts that Clifford Schwartz, with his large oil tank with plow attached, kept open the road up the hill to the hospital. It was a great time for snowmobiles since cars were largely useless. Horses were used also, a trip of four miles taking over two hours to come through the drifts.
In the opening game of the Upper Ottawa Junior series, played in the local arena on Monday, Shawville defeated Pembroke by a score of 3 to 2 in a fast game that gave the local fans some idea of the calibre of two of the teams in the league.

100 Years Ago - Jan. 3, 1924
Local News: On Friday night the Young Men’s Bible Class of the Methodist Church gave the Young Ladies Class of the same church a sumptuous banquet. Some months ago the Young Men’s Class challenged the Young Ladies Class to a contest in scripture memory. That portion beginning with the sermon on the mount in St. Matthew’s gospel was chosen. The men, having lost out on the contest, furnished the banquet table.
Electric current for lighting and other purposes is now being carried over the power line of the Ottawa-Hull Co., from Hull to Calumet Falls. This will facilitate the work of development now in progress there, by permitting of night as well as day shifts.
Canada’s debt to France for their exploration of Canada was recognized by the speakers at the parliament dinner at Montreal. “There is no nation, outside of our own empire, bound to us by the ties that bind us to France, for Canada is born of French adventure,” said Sir Arthur Carrie, in his finished manner.

125 Years Ago - Jan. 5, 1899
Local News: The carnival on Wednesday night last was favoured with a fairly large attendance, although the number who appeared in costume was smaller than at most of the events here last season.
The annual tea meeting in connection with St. Paul’s Church was held in Hodgins Hall on Thursday evening last. The attendance was not as large as usual on such occasions, owing probably to the holding of similar attractions at other places. The programme began with music from the choir and an opening address. Rev. Mr. Warrington, suffering from a severe cold, was certainly not in the right mood to deliver the address, which under more favourable circumstances, would have been a pleasure to him, but he said a few humourous words to the audience, to whom he also demonstrated fully that his affliction for the time being was genuine.
The serving of refreshments of which there was abundance and to spare, then occupied a very pleasant half hour’s time after which the audience was again called to order and the programme proceeded beginning with another selection by the choir.
The Advance says another discovery of gold bearing quartz has been made on the property of Mr. John Davis, Jr. of Bristol.
Mr. Bigras of Dorion township, who has been serving a two years’ term in Bryson jail for shooting with intent to do grievous bodily harm, was released on Christmas Eve by order of the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice.
Miss Constance Eason, who is home from Montreal on her Christmas holidays, spent Thursday and Friday renewing old acquaintances in Shawville, returning to her home in Portage du Fort on Saturday.
A Swedish expedition sent out to look for Andree has returned from Siberia without finding trace of the daring explorer. It is now over eighteen months since Andree and his companion started on their balloon voyage, to reach the end that so many Arctic voyagers have arrived at by sledge and boat, a grave in the eternal ice fields.


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