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The Way We Were

The Way We Were Compiled by Bonnie Chevrier

July 28, 1993 – 25 Years Ago

Some water unsafe to drink: Elevated bacterial content has left the water in Quyon and Campbell’s Bay unfit to drink.
Colleen St-Jean, secretary-treasurer by interim for the village of Campbell’s Bay, said they are increasing the amount of chlorine in the water to help deal with the increased levels.
Residents of the area were informed of the situation.
Germain Clairoux, secretary-treasurer of the Municipality of Pontiac said the water in the Ottawa River, where Quyon gets its water, is not that good to start with.
Mr. Clairoux explained that whenever there is a spell of warm weather and the demand for water increases, there is an increased liklihood of bacteria levels going up.
Tommy wows ‘em at RVN Jamboree: Canada’s Country Gentleman has done it again. On Saturday night during a two-hour show held at Riverview North on the outskirts of Norway Bay, Tommy Hunter warmed hearts and stirred old memories for the people of Pontiac.
Dorothy Dickie of Country 105, CKBY, emceed the show. By nine o’clock there was a crowd of about 800, with standing room only.
Hunter was never at a loss for favourite songs, and much to the crowd’s delight, he sang many of the old goodies. Donna and Leroy Anderson and Hunter’s six-piece band the Travellin’ Men rounded out the evening’s performance.
Hunter wasn’t at a loss for good stories. He talked and sang non-stop for two hours, even while the band took a break.
Hunter said he worked in television for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 36 years, which included his time on Gordie Tapp’s program “Country Hoedown.” For 27 years, he had his own TV show. During those 36 years, he raised thousands of dollars for charities.


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