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The Way We Were

The Way We Were – January 17, 2024

25 Years Ago - Jan. 13, 1999

Rudolph granted temporary stay: Rudolph the orphaned fawn deer is alive and well and living in Mansfield.
The young buck, rescued from the ice-cold Coulonge River Dec. 22 by the tenacious, brave firefighters of the Mansfield Fire Department, caught a break Sunday when the Ministry of Environment passed a permit and grocery list to the Patro children’s camp in Mansfield, Rudolph’s temporary home.
There were fears Rudolph would be released into his natural home in a weakened condition without his mother. However, the Ministry presented Patro with the permit allowing the camp care of the deer until May 1.
It all began when Rudolph and his late mom tried to cross the river for whatever reason, near the Pontefract Golf and Country Club in Mansfield and broke through the inch-thin ice three days before Christmas. By the time they reached the pair, the mom was dead but Rudolph was still churning the water farther out.
The men managed to load Rudolph into the boat and made their way back to the shore.
Lionettes donate $1,750: You buy the calendar, you grab a burger at their fundraising barbecues, you attend their anniversary ball. But where does all the money raised by the Shawville Lionettes go?
The Lionettes like other service groups in Pontiac, are an instrumental part of their community. The club recently donated $1,750 to various worthwhile causes. A second donation of $500 was given to the CT scan fundraiser. Another $500 was given to the Shawville Apartments’ elevator fund and $500 was also given to needy families at Christmas.

50 Years Ago - Jan. 16, 1974

Overnight expedition for Snowmobile club: During the past weekend, once again several members of the Quyon and District Snowmobile Club travelled to Danford Lake for our first overnight trip this year. With Minor Chevrier as our leader and under the most beautiful sunny skies, eighteen machines left at 11:30 on Saturday morning with five only going along for the drive as far as Ladysmith.
On arriving at the R.A. Centre in Ladysmith, we were provided with a delicious lunch by the ladies at the centre.
About 3 p.m. we left for Danford Lake with Wally Bretzlaff as our guide. Along the trail, someone tried to change the direction of the trail but a tree refused to get out of the way. No harm done.
By 6 p.m. we were all settled into the Danford Lake Hotel enjoying a bean supper compliments of the hotel.
Afterwards we enjoyed an evening of fun and dancing. About 11:30 p.m. that night, five more members arrived having left about 6:30 p.m. They were cold and with good reason because at that time it was 20 below zero.
Sunday the group left about 1:30 p.m., had lunch at the RA Centre and were back home by 7 p.m.
Those who made this weekend such an enjoyable one included Don Campbell, who made the arrangements for the trip; Minor Chevrier who acted as our leader and spokesman; Wally Bretzlaff for guiding us along the trail to Danford Lake; all the members who despite the fact that they couldn’t have a bed, came along anyway with a sleeping bag; and the Danford Hotel which has always made our stay such an enjoyable one.
Bantam All Stars: On Saturday, Arnprior Bantams travelled to Shawville to play a league game. Shawville Bantams out-skated and outplayed them to a 6-0 victory.
On Sunday, West Carleton Bantam All-Stars came to Shawville to play an exhibition game with the Shawville Bantam All-Stars. Shawville again outplayed and out-skated them to a 12-0 victory. The Shawville and District boys had a good weekend. Goals came from nearly every boy on the team.

75 Years Ago - Jan. 13, 1949

Local News: Mr. Melvin Strutt wishes to announce to the public that he has started general blacksmithing and horseshoeing at Caldwell, Que.
Ruthless killer of pet dogs being sought: six dogs have been shot so far, all of which died except two, often with long-draw-out suffering. Most of the dogs are small pet spaniels, none of which could have done any harm to chickens or sheep.
The Pontiac Senior League have been facing difficulties because of mild weather. The game that Shawville was to have played with Campbell’s Bay on Wednesday, Jan.5 and the one to have been played with Fort Coulonge on Monday, Jan. 10 had both to be withdrawn because of no ice. It is announced that with colder weather, Shawville will play the Fort town on Thursday.
Sparked by the brilliant rushes of Jimmie Martin who was fed chances by Sterling Hobbs, Shawville Juniors made their second brilliant finish on home ice before a fair crowd when they piled up a score of 7-4 against a strong team from Arnprior.
Martin played a particularly brilliant game, piling up four goals that brought joy to every maiden’s heart, with Sterling Hobbs, Bob McCredie and Bob Horner getting one each.
Arnprior played hard and with more practice will be a team to be reckoned with. For them the honours were done by Graham Craig, who made two, and one each for Greg O’Neil and D. Macklem.

100 Years Ago - Jan. 10, 1924

Local News: Revival services are being carried on all this week at 7:30 each evening except Saturday in Zion Methodist Church. These meetings are in charge of the people, the officials and the minster, the very ones who are to carry on the work when the meetings are done. All are invited. When they are done in Zion, they begin in Shawville.
All things considered, the ladies of St. Paul’s congregation are well satisfied with the manner in which their annual tea meeting came off New Year’s night and feel thankful to those who contributed in any way to its success.
Labouring under the handicap of having to hold the function in two halls, because of inadequate room in either, made it onerous and unpleasant for those who supervised both the serving of tea and the providing of the entertainment, whilst the public, too, were inconvenienced to some extent.
Mrs. A.D. McCredie (nee Miss A. Wainman) was tendered a “pickle and jam” shower by the young ladies of the Methodist Bible Class of which she is president, at the home of Miss Alva Turner on Friday evening last, which was highly appreciated by the recipient.

125 Years Ago - Jan. 12, 1899

Local News: Mr. Wm. F. McDowell while on his way to Renfrew at an early hour on Wednesday morning last, drove into an opening in the ice at a point near Mr. Robert Storey’s. He immediately disengaged the horses from the sleigh and then tried to get the animals out of the hole but without avail. He then undertook to procure some assistance with little hope of finding the horses above water when he and Mr. Rob. Storey returned but strange to say, the animals were still all right but try as they could, they were unable to get them out of the water.
The task was about to be abandoned as a hopeless one, when Mr. Henry Armstrong who had been informed of the accident by Mrs. Storey, appeared on the scene with his team, through the aid of which the now nearly exhausted animals were drawn out upon solid ice. Mr. McDowell’s load of wheat was also saved.
Klondyke weather has been the programme for the last few days.
The municipal elections in Campbell’s Bay passed off quietly, the old councilors, P. McNally, B. Sloan and T. Reid being returned by acclamation.
Quite a number around the Steele Line have been sick with measles. We hear of no fatalities.
The snow storm which commenced on Friday evening and continued on through Saturday and Sunday has left the roads in a very bad state indeed.
Our village tradesmen have been very busy during the past few weeks completing the new sleighs for Armstrong and Rose. The sleighs are of a style similar to those used in the large lumber camps.
Mr. J.V. Findlay of Radford struck it sweet while cutting down trees a few days ago. In other words, he cut two hollow trees with a colony of bees in each and a large quantity of honey. He took the sections of the trees home and placed them in his cellar.


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