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The Way We Were

The Way We Were – July 10, 2024

25 Years Ago - July 7, 1999

Armitage in horse racing hall of fame: Former county veterinarian Roly Armitage has occupied many positions in his illustrious career, but the most recent appointment has left him humbled.
“I most certainly didn’t expect it,” says Armitage of his nomination to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.
“It’s a humbling experience because a lot of people deserve to be nominated and they picked me. It’s what your peers think of you and I’m honoured to be nominated.”
Armitage, who moved to Dunrobin in 1970 after living 20 years in Shawville, will attend the inauguration ceremony July 19 at the Hall of Fame at Woodbine Race Track in Toronto.
Mansfield 150th “terrific”: “It was terrific.” This is the way Denise Morrissette, organizer of the Mansfield 150th Anniversary celebrations.
Some highlights of the celebrations, which closed Saturday with a ball at the Fort Coulonge arena were the flotilla, parade, magic show and a fly-by by the Snowbirds on Canada Day as well as the fireworks on Saturday evening.
The lumberjack competition Sunday drew a large crowd despite the stifling heat. About 20 men competed in log-rolling, chainsaw, cross-cut saw and nail-hammering contests.

50 Years Ago - July 10, 1974

Tom Lefebvre sweeps over half of riding as Liberals win majority government: The first poll to return results to the Returning Officer, Wallace MacDonald at Chapeau Monday night were in favour of Tom Lefebvre so right from the start, Tom was in front and by half past midnight when all the polls had reported except Robertson Pope, Tom had received more than half the total votes cast.That left only a thousand odd votes for the other three candidates.
Today Sant Singh is arranging to return to his position as Economist with the Department of Health and Welfare in Ottawa. Emmanuel Petrin will be getting back to work in St. Burno de Guigues, Ray Carrier will resume his job as Director General of the Pontiac CLSC and Tom will go back to Ottawa where he has been representing Pontiac as member of parliament for the past nine years, to make it an almost sure four more.
Region convention of the Farmerettes Club held at Buckingham: The Region Convention of the Farmerettes Clubs was held in the Polyvalante School at Buckingham, Quebec on June 27.
Twenty-five members of the Fort Coulonge Farmerettes Club attended. 400 members attended in all.
Miss E. Labelle, Technician of Quebec spoke of the new woman of today and that she should assume her part in society and also to keep healthful for a longer life.
Mrs. D. Trembley, Provincial Executive of the Faremerettes Club told about the importance of every comity and that the responsibility of such comity should be active.

75 Years Ago - July 14, 1949

Local News: The vacation school for boys and girls that has been running for two weeks comes to a close on Friday. The attendance has been good and the children have enjoyed the program in which the staff has led them.
Alex Newell, 31 had his back broken on Friday at the farm of Clifford Greer of Thorne township. As the load of hay was entering the barn, the young man failed to notice how close the top of the barn door opening came to the load and was caught between the two. He was hurried to Pontiac Community Hospital where first aid was given by Dr. S.E. McDowell who later had him taken in W.J. Hayes’ and Sons ambulance to the Sacred Heart Hospital at Hull.
With the choicest of weather, warm but not too hot, the Glorious Twelfth, celebrating the victory at the Boyne, and also the 100th anniversary of the founding of Knox Lodge No. 34 L.O.L., drew the largest crowd to Shawville that the village has seen for such an event.
One of the most ambitious attempts at re-forestation in Pontiac is to be seen three miles from Shawville where R.G. Hodgins, retired lumberman, has 100 acres of sandy land. Here he has second growth timber, growing on 50 acres, naturally, after the heavy timber was cut out and 20 acres that had been completely denuded of trees, and plowed over for rather unsuccessful farming, is now covered with a growth of 21,000 trees, which Mr. Hodgins has set out.
This scheme was started in 1942 and the trees, then a few inches tall in red and white pine and spruce are now more than 12 feet high.
Ad: Seasonable items: Are your potatoes infested with potato bugs, leaf hoppers, blight? If so, drop in. We have the correct poison for all these troubles in convenient sizes for ten acres or a small garden plot.

100 Years Ago - July 3, 1924

Local News: The democratic convention at New York is apparently one of the most peppery political gatherings that ever assembled there. If the fuss and bluster continues throughout the election campaign, stirring times are ahead for our southern neighbours.
At Vinton on Thursday afternoon Shawville lost to the local team in the 6th league match by the very close score of 16-15.
The postal strike which had seriously demoralized business in the cities of Toronto and Montreal for nearly two weeks, came to an end Saturday, the strikers going back to work unconditionally with the assurance that their grievances will be looked into by a committee of parliament.
The Booth limits, situated in Algonquin National Park, were reported on fire and beyond control on Saturday morning, although 300 men were at work trying to check the spread of the conflagration. These limits are said to contain one of the finest tracts of pine in the province. It is hoped Saturday evening’s rain extended over the park area as well as this district which had been needing it badly for some weeks.
The molybdenite mine, north of Quyon which closed down shortly after the war ended, is again in operation and likely to give employment to quite a number of hands, when things get under full swing, as it is reported the company has several large orders to fill, other uses having been found for the mineral besides hardening steel for the instruments of war.
The employees of the C.N.R. with their wives, daughters and best girls, took Norway Bay by storm on Saturday when two special trains loaded with excursionists arrived at the popular Bristol resort to spend the day in games and amusements, of which there was an extensive program.

125 Years Ago - July 13, 1899

Local News: A pair of burglars recently made an attempt to enter the residence of Rev. B. Kiernan at Quyon but it was very cleverly frustrated by the Rev. gentleman himself, who hearing some kind of disturbance, came quietly downstairs and took a stand near a window until it was raised and a face appeared in the opening. At this, his Reverence let go a knock-out right hander when instantly the intruding physique vanished and the owner of it was at once trailed off by his companion in crime.
On Friday morning last, Judge Lavergne refused to allow bail in the case of Laura Alice Steele, at present confined in jail at Bryson. She will therefore remain in jail til the next session of Court of Queen’s Bench which may not take place til next summer.
Intelligence reached town on Saturday morning of the death of Angus McKillop, Esqr. of Bristol who has been ill for some time past. Deceased was one of the pioneer settlers of the township and a gentleman held on high esteem.
Shawville council feel that the time has arrived when an effort should be made to establish a system of waterworks in the village, principally in view of the great risks we are running on account of a lack of fire protection.
The Church of England picnic at Eganville on July 1 was a great success. Sir Charles Tupper, Hon. Peter White, Senator Perley and others addressed the large gathering in political topics.
The two big sawmills owned by Messrs. Robert and J. Conroy, Deschenes, were totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday evening last week. The Deschenes company’s power house and grist mill were only saved after the largest sort of work by the residents of Deschenes.
Nearly 200 men have been thrown out of employment by the disaster. The mill had been struck by lightning.


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