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The Way We Were

The Way We Were – March 13, 2024

25 Years Ago - Mar. 10, 1999

Blizzard blocks roads, shuts down county: March roared in like a den of ferocious lions Thursday as one of the worst blizzards this century struck the area.
The snowfall, which began Wednesday evening, was so heavy Pontiac MRC Sureté du Quebec declared it an emergency situation. Police closed Hwy. 148 between Aylmer and Bryson, Hwy. 301 between Bryson and Portage du Fort; and Hwy. 303 between Shawville and Portage. According to local weather recorders, more than 100 centimeters fell in four days.
There was an anxious moment for a Sand Bay couple. Gail Horner, who is nine months pregnant thought the beautiful moment was about to happen on an ugly day. She was taken to Pontiac Community Hospital by a municipal half-ton truck. Alas, it was a false alarm.
Romanian toddler adopted: A Bryson couple evidently doesn’t believe two’s company, three’s a crowd.
Already blessed with two teen-aged daughters, Sophie, 19, and Manon, 17, Andrea Lagarde and Steve Newberry wanted another child. So the couple decided to do what many other couples don’t do, adopt. And, they opted for another girl.
In keeping with the non-conventional, the happy couple looked across the ocean, to Romania. After more than two years of leg-work and preparation, three-year-old Adriana Newberry arrived in Bryson.

50 Years Ago - Mar. 13, 1974

Orla Young returned as county warden: Orla Young, Mayor of Shawville, was re-elected as Warden of Pontiac County at their regular March meeting Monday at Campbell’s Bay.
Every one of the 25 municipalities of Pontiac county was represented at this meeting with all mayors in their seats by ten o’clock.
The meeting was packed with a great deal of important items. Wolves also came in for heated discussion during this session and after hearing everything anyone had to say on the subject, a vote was taken and the decision of the county was that a bounty of $30 would be paid for wolves if the entire carcass was brought to the local municipality.

Marie Dale - Boyd Critoph win speaking contest: All the Lions Clubs of Pontiac County plus the Chalk River and District joined forces last week to sponsor the annual Lions Club Public Speaking Finals.
Students from all the area’s high schools were invited and prizes and honours were provided for both English and French winners, however there were no French language entries.
Paul McCann, representing Victoria School, spoke on “Television Advertising.” Lorne Bertrand, representing Pontiac High, spoke on “Cigarette Smoking.” Joan Brennan, representing Mackensie High in Deep River, spoke on “Native Rights”. Veronica Corriveau, also of Deep River, spoke on “Involvement”. Boyd Critoph, also of Deep River, spoke on “Words”. Marie Dale of Pontiac High spoke on “Discrimination”. Mary Gleason of St. Alphonsus, Chapeau, spoke on “College”.
Lester McCann then presented the trophies donated annually by THE EQUITY to Marie Dale and Boyd Critoph as first place winners.

75 Years Ago - Mar. 10, 1949

Local News: The Quebec legislature assembly today approved a bill for construction of a dam at the Rocher Fendu channel on the Ottawa River. The dam will be built by the Gatineau Power Company and is designed to increase the company’s power output at Bryson, Que., from 35,000 horsepower to 57,000.
The legislature also approved by a vote of 71 to 8, a bill to ban manufacture, sale and possession of butter substitutes including oleomargarine. Premier Duplesis told the house that possession of margarine would not mean imprisonment for individuals who used it privately.
The Grand Old Lady of Shawville, Mrs. James H. Riley, entered her 100th year of good living on March 2. Now 99 years young, Mrs. Riley has spent most of her life in Pontiac county. It was a banner day for little Mary Ann Smith when she attended her first fall fair at Shawville just 92 years ago. It was a banner day for Shawville and Pontiac, too for that was Pontiac’s very first fall fair, Mary Ann Smith, now Mrs. James H. Riley, remembers every detail of the great day.

100 Years Ago - Mar. 6, 1924

Local News: Statistics of the Automobile Club of Canada show that the number of registered automobile owners in the Province of Quebec last year (1923), was 74,805 as compared with 398 in 1908. The increase will continue, officials believe, and predicts at least 125,000 registered automobile owners in 1926.
Mr. Isaac McLellan of Foxwarren, Manitoba reports a fine winter out there, with only about 10 inches of snow and the weather around zero. Better still, he says, the Bristol colony are all well.
The Macdonald Labour Government is likely to support a measure, introduced in the British Parliament last week, aiming at the abolition of capital punishment.
Miss Marjorie Masson, left on Saturday to resume her duties as teacher in No. 1 School, Aldfield.
Among the large quantities of supplies and material which G.A. Howard is hauling to the depots of Gillies Bros. on the Coulonge, is a consignment of shingles to be used on the buildings at the “John Bull.”
Residents of the back country report that the new winter road leading north, on which there is a pretty heavy traffic in logs, pulpwood and supplies for the lumber camps, is in a bad condition with pitch-holes and we learn that one or two of the farmers have helped the situation by plowing out some of these holes along the road opposite their properties.
Food for thought: “Let us talk to each other more and about each other less: Anonymous.”

125 Years Ago - Mar. 9, 1899

Local News: It is rumoured that Mr. A. Cassidy is retiring from the Pembroke and Allumette ferry business and that Mr. John Ryan will take his place.
The Ottawa Citizen says: The Pontiac and Pacific Junction Railway Company is arranging to increase rolling stock for the extension of their line from Aylmer to Hull and Ottawa. A number of new locomotives and several passenger cars to replace those now in use will shortly be ordered. It is expected that the work will be completed early in July and the entire length of the road from Ottawa through the Pontiac district to Pembroke will be 113 miles, eleven miles less than the C.P.R. between these points. As soon as the road is completed, the company will increase its service running two trains per day each way between Ottawa and Pembroke.


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