Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Letters to the Editor

The world will be a better place

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the “Insensitive and uncaring” letter to the editor in the April 22, 2020 edition of THE EQUITY.
I am a little upset by this letter because I feel that it is an attack to those of us who want to keep Pontiac safe.
Unfortunately, sometimes we, as people – mayors, wardens, everyday folk – will say something that may be offensive to someone because of the wrong choice of a word but as a whole, it’s not meant to be offensive. I think that “you people” can mean not just cottagers but all of us.
The road restrictions were put in place to keep us home and keep us safe. So you don’t go to your cottage, I can’t see my granddaugher, who won’t even know me when this is over and they just live a few miles away here in the Pontiac.
I am a senior who lives alone, I am a hugger, I haven’t had a hug in over a month. To me, not having human touch is more important than not being able to go to a cottage and I’ll just bet that there are hundreds of us who would feel the same.
I am sure that once this pandemic has lowered its ugly head and the area is safe once more, you will be more than welcomed by your cottage neighbours and area residents by a friendly “G’day, good to see you.”
So just hang in there with the rest of us and you may just find that the world has become a much better place with more love and caring for one another.

Beatrice Hoopfer
Portage-du-Fort, Que.


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