Monday, July 22, 2024

The young man and the river

Noa Hill is the operator of Norway Bay Fishing, offering chartered fishing trips to customers in search of all kinds of fish on the river. Starting out three years ago, the 15-year-old has expanded his business this year, complete with proper advertising in the bay as well as a website.

There’s one young entrepreneur in Norway Bay who is doing what many adults can only dream of, as he combines his passion for sport with money-making opportunities.
Starting out with a simple aluminum boat and electric motor three years ago, Noa Hill would take younger kids out onto the Ottawa River and teach them how to fish.
Every summer since, his selection of equipment and his own expertise would grow better, allowing him to offer a bit more to his customers.
However, beginning this year, 15-year-old Hill decided he wanted everything to grow bigger. So, he made a few changes: he brought in a trusted friend as a co-worker, enlisted his cousin to design a website, and even bought a bigger boat.
Now, he offers his experience on the river under the name of Norway Bay Fishing, and well, Hill describes what he does best.
“It is basically just a fishing charter business,” he explained. “Charter meaning I take people out fishing, whether it’s kids, adults, elderly, it doesn’t matter – any age. If they’re amateurs to fishing, we will teach them how to fish, teach you everything you need to know, [like] how to tie on a lure, how to spool your rod, how to cast, how to reel in a fish properly, everything you need to know about fishing. But we also take people that are experts at fishing.”
For those who have been fishing their whole lives, Hill offers a more tailored trip. If the customer hasn’t had the chance to catch a muskie, he can take them out to some of the best spots on the river to do so. The same goes for walleye, pike and the whole offerings, but muskie tend to be the popular request.


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