Thursday, June 13, 2024
Social Notes

Vinton: Diane Boisvert

I would like to wish the following people a very happy birthday: Dillon Kelly on the 16, Richard Castonguay, Maureen Gagnon and myself on the 17, Michael McCrank on the 20.
I personally didn’t, see the Easter Bunny but I heard he was seen visiting the children in Vinton and Campbell’s Bay. Thanks for thinking of us Mister Bunny.
It wasn’t the nicest Easter we’ve ever had weatherwise but Easter was early this year. At least we don’t have three feet of snow like my son, Alex, in Snow Lake, MB.
Water levels are rising but the officials are saying not to worry about flooding. Just be prepared and you will be ready for whatever comes.
April 11, at 11:30 p.m. I got a phone call from my sister Lynn from Chilliwack, BC. This was not a good phone call, I knew it by the tone of your voice. She told me that our sister Norma had been in an accident involving an ATV. Then she went on to tell me that Norma was being airlifted from Grand Forks to a Kelowna hospital. All Lynn could tell me is that it was some sort of an ATV accident and that Norma was on her way to the hospital but her friend Dot did not make it.
I was devastated from the news because I personally know Dot and she was a wonderful woman and a great friend to everyone that knew her. I was supposed to go out this year and do a great big cooking marathon for Dot to fill her freezer. In just a blink of an eye life changed for all of us in the family. I didn’t find out until about 3 o’clock in the morning, my time, that Norma was in stable condition. I was finally able to get a few minutes sleep.
We still do not know what caused the accident how it happened or anything else because of this social distancing and not being able to go from one area to another. We are trying to get information from the hospital but as you can imagine the hospital is swamped and are trying everything they can to be accommodating to the families.
They asked us to only call once a day for Norma’s progress report. All we know right now, is that she’s has broken ribs and her breast bone is broken. She’s going to have a lot of pain and probably a long road to recovery. I just want to be there for her if I possibly could because she lives alone and I’m sure won’t be able to take care of yourself for the first little while.
This virus is taking its tole on our patience. We have to learn new and different ways to keep ourselves occupied and out of mischief. I painted all my windows with Easter stuff last week and so now I’ll have to wash everything off and clean my windows for spring anyway.
I have a lot of dead trees around my property that have to be cut down and thank God I have a good neighbour, Jerry, who’s going to help me do some cleanup around my yard. Keep telling how great it is living in Vinton.
We are a good bunch, we all help each other, especially when there is a crisis happening. It’s so nice having great neighbours and friends that look out for one another.
Stay home, stay safe and reach out to the lonely.


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