Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Social Notes

Vinton: Diane Boisvert

I would like to wish the following people happy birthday Susan Bélanger and Danny Lepack on the 22, Stephanie Jolin on the 23, Diane Pepin and Marcel Boisvert on the 24, Kartika Castonguay on the 25, Betty Bertrand on the 26, Kelsey Belanger on the 27, Jeff Belland on the 28. Happy anniversary to Sharon and Denis Larivière.
This past weekend my neighbour, Jerry Pepin, came over and cut down all the dead trees on my property. He also cut down that honeysuckle tree that was damaged in the ice storm and was obstructing drivers view of Church Rd. The corner is really getting cleaned up. Hope this helps everyone.
Trees are budding. Daffodils are blooming, perennials are all starting to stick their noses out of the ground. I always find this such an exciting time of the year. I have all my tomato and pepper plants started. I also have marigolds and zucchini and cucumbers started and under grow lights. First time for me doing this. The grow light really does work great for the little seedlings. It’s like watching your children grow. Each day is a new adventure.
Tensions are getting high all over. Please be patient and stay home and be safe. Everyone has a different idea of what safe is. I think I’m too anal and paranoid and I’m sure some people think I’m taking this virus too serious. Probably am, but I have to stay safe. Just be kind to one another and help out wherever you can.


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