Monday, July 22, 2024
Social Notes

Vinton: Diane Boisvert

What a horrible Mother’s Day weekend weather wise. People couldn’t sit outside and do social distancing because of the weather. I can’t remember when we had snow on this special weekend. I hope you were at least able to FaceTime or call your mothers.
Alex and Shelly both called me and of course wished they would have been able to be with me. It’s funny when we are forced to be separated we want to be together even more.
My son-in-law, Carl, cooked a chicken on Sunday and went to drain the juice to make the gravy. He put the strainer in the sink and dumped the juice but he noticed too late, that he forgot to put a bowl under the strainer to catch the strained juice. Oops! No gravy today boys. This trick must run in the family because I remember the same incident happening with Carl’s cousins, Cindy and Shelly Normandeau.
I’m sure there are many stories about cooking chickens and turkeys that could keep us chuckling all day. Of course these mishaps always happen when the house is full of our family and friends and they talk about it for years.
Borders and schools were to open May 11. Things are changing daily and lots of people are getting more and more confused.
Happy birthday to everyone celebrating birthdays this week.


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