Monday, July 15, 2024
Social Notes

Vinton: Diane Boisvert

Happy belated birthday to Karen Stevenson who celebrated on May 22 also to Freda Dupuis on May 24 and to everyone else I missed. Anyone wanting their birthdays put into my column would you please text or call me. I’d be happy to put the wishes in for you.
What a crazy spring we’re having. Snow one day and 30 degrees above the next. Makes it hard to know when to plant the garden.
Hummingbirds are back and just a friendly reminder how to feed them. Please do not put food colouring in their water because it causes lesions on their tongues. Remember to change their water often and sterilize the feeders. Too many people leave them up during those heat waves and the sugar water turns rancid and kills them. Yes they are finicky but they are such great entertainment.
The other day, my son-in-law, Carl, sent me a video of a partridge following him around in the bush. Carl sat down on a fallen tree and the partridge jumped up and stood on Carl’s hand. Then it followed him around on the ATV. Then Carl sent me a picture of the partridge sitting on his head. Check it out on my Facebook page. On Sunday, he sent me a video of a fawn laying quietly in his yard while mother was out grazing. I think that boy is related to Dr. Dolittle. A few weeks ago he rescued four orphaned squirrels. They kept them for four days then brought them in to animal rescue. I wonder what he’ll bring home next. 
Borders are opening up again and rules are being relaxed. This is not the time to let down our guard. Masks only work if everybody wears them. They are on our own faces to stop us from spreading infections to others. It is considerate to others and shows that you respect not only yourself but everyone around you. Please help stop the spread of COVID. 
I was shocked to hear about the sudden death of Peter Normandeau who accidentally passed away on May 21. I am sending out my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
Campbell’s Bay is having its fair share of problems with their water supply. That is scary. I’m glad I have my own well with fantastic water. Hope everyone is okay.


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