Saturday, July 13, 2024
Social Notes

Vinton DIANE BOISVERT 819-921-5296

I would like to send happy birthday wishes to Edward Belanger, Tim Ferrigan, Allyson Belanger, Brenda Frost and Murray Ranger who all celebrate on Nov. 21. Happy birthday to Jessie Beauregard on Nov. 22, Patrick Pepin, John Morin, Kevin Sloan, Kayla McCoshen on Nov. 23, to Brittany McCoshen on Nov. 24, to Wayne Leach, Joe Bertrand and Lynn Marie Hearty on Nov. 25, to Jennifer Desjardins on Nov. 26 and to Ramona Dunahee on Nov. 27.
I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to Theresa Davidson on Nov. 12 and Ayden Beauregard on Nov. 19.
I have been very busy this week making turkey pot pies and meat pies for Christmas. Anyone wishing to purchase the pies please call me at 819-921-5296. I am only making a limited amount this year so please order early.

I started taking out my Christmas decorations. The Christmas lights that were working last year when I took them down are not working now and I packed them so carefully. They don’t make stuff like they used to. I tried fixing them. I’ve tried replacing bulbs and everything else and they still don’t work. It gets very frustrating and it should be a joyous time. So I will just have a lot less Christmas lights this year. I’ll just have to enjoy all my neighbours’ lights.
Well, we finally got some snow. I wonder if it’s going to stay or not. I heard it is supposed be a long, cold winter so I hope we get enough snow to go with it so we can enjoy snowmobiling and sliding and all the outdoor activities.
Now we have to get ready for Christmas. I just finished wrapping up my present to send to Alex who lives in Manitoba. I’m hoping if I send it today it might reach him before Christmas with Canada Post being the way it is.
I’m going to start making all kinds of crafts for Christmas this week and I am getting my house ready with decorations. Once it’s all done it gets me in the mood for Christmas. I love seeing all the decorations and lights up.