Monday, July 15, 2024
Social Notes

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We would like to send out our condolences to the family and friends of Donald Graveline who passed away April 12. Donald was married to Muriel Kelly and was the father of Anne (Patrick Lloyd), Donny Jr., Gerry, Laurie (Richard Soucie) and Lois (Mark Myers).
I also lost a precious member of my family on April 14, Anna Milliken Mayhew. She leaves behind her children Earl (Betty), Steve, Debbie (Keith), Kathy (Gerry), Patty (Peter). Predeceased by her son Bruce and her husband Emile Mayhew. A celebration of life ceremony will be held at a later time.

We sure are having our share of rotten weather but we’re not alone if that’s any good news. The big question is will spring ever get here? I know the birds are really asking that question. I see the robin jumping up-and-down freezing her poor little feet. The geese have been coming back and I even saw the osprey is back in her nest.
The other day I was cleaning out the fridge and I threw some stuff out the door for the birds to eat. I did see the big crows have a snack and some of the neighbourhood cats. Later that night I was going to go over and visit one of the neighbours but I heard this scratching at the door. Thank God I didn’t open the door. I looked through. The window and saw a skunk eating the rest of the food. He stuck around for quite a while. I guess he was looking for more so I wasn’t able to leave the house. So that’s a lesson to me not to feed the animals so close to my door.
I would like to wish the following people a happy birthday: Bradley Frost on April 18, Phillipe O’Brien on April 19, Lois Graveline and Michael McCrank on April 20, Lynn Corriveau on April 21, Susan Belanger and Danny Lepack on April 22, Stephanie Jolin on April 23 and Diane Pepin on April 24.