Thursday, September 21, 2023
Social Notes

Waltham: Helen Perry

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and healthy Easter weekend. It sure was different, as everyone is physical distancing. Larry and I cannot remember ever missing Easter church celebrations. We are very blessed that Fr. Justin Bertrand is live streaming our masses.
In the Christian faith, Easter is all about joy and renewal.
How very wise and inspiring these ancient customs seem in light of the current pandemic. Our lives have been radically changed, our personal freedoms curtailed, all in an effort to stop a deadly virus.
Easter Sunday represents the turning of a page in our modern day lives. We hope for control over the spread of the covid-19 and perhaps we are actually witnessing the first signs of victory. It’s to soon to say that this virus is defeated, we need to have faith in each other and keep up the physical distancing, as well as all the other hygiene strategies that we have adopted to fight against this terrible sickness. We need to keep up with the good fight and be joyful that the day is coming.
It was so nice to receive a call yesterday from Mark’s sister, Jennifer, from North Carolina. She was checking in to see how we were fairing out. She said they are doing ok.
Birthday wishes are extended to Julie Romain and to little Sally Duff, who are celebrating their birthdays on April 16. We hope that you both enjoy your special day.
Birthday wishes are extended to Heidi Chaput of Pembroke, who is celebrating her birthday on April 21. Enjoy your special day Heidi.


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