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Western Quebec School Board’s new Director General pens letter to parents

“On behalf of all staff at the Western Québec School Board, I welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year,” wrote the new Director General for the Western Quebec School Board George Singfield in an open letter to parents. “This is always an exciting time for us, as we welcome your children to a new school year and begin to build relationships with them.”
With previous Director General Mike Dubeau announcing his retirement in March, Singfield was named as the school board’s newest director in July of this year. As such, the commencement of a new school year marks his first while holding the new position.
In his open letter, Seinfeld encouraged parents to get involved within school board administration through parent bodies like the WQSB Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) and the Parents’ Committee.
“You are strongly encouraged to consider representing the parent community on one or more of these committees,” Singfield wrote.
Singfield likewise asked parents to play an active role within their children’s education and to reach out if in need of guidance or assistance.

“This is inevitably a special time for you as parents, as your children either return to or start school for the first time. It is important that in the event you have questions, concerns, or uncertainties, that you reach out for answers, either to your child’s teacher or administrator,” Singfield wrote.
“We want nothing but a successful school year for your child and for you. I encourage you to regularly ask your child about what they are learning at school, what good questions they have asked, what concerns they may have,” he continued.
A release made public by the school board described Singfield as a “lifelong and dedicated educator” who has “worked for the Western Québec School Board for 35 years, most recently in the positions of Secretary General, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Corporate Services.”
In addition to his role as a school administrator, the release continued, he has worked as a classroom teacher, vice-principal and principal.
“George’s application was selected from a pool of more than 20 highly-qualified applicants, where he inevitably stood out as an already greatly appreciated member of our educational community,” school board Chairman Wayne Daly is quoted as saying in a press release.
“Once again, we wish you a happy and successful school year, as we commit to building a stronger learning community,” wrote Singfield, concluding his letter to parents.

Connor Lalande
Pontiac August 30, 2023


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