Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Letters to the Editor

Algae bloom continues to cause waves

Dear Editor,
This letter to the Editor stems from your article that appeared on 22 April, 2020 with respect to the above-mentioned article. I typically enjoy the balanced neutral nature of your articles.
Unfortunately, this article was not that. The issue of the Sand Bay algae bloom is a complicated one that has been ongoing since fall of 2019 and has involved a lot of people. The article was well written and researched, however it portrayed the residents of Sand Bay as inhospitable and almost aggressive towards the owner, Sandra Wolf.
I’d like to bring a point of clarification. The residents of Sand Bay have no doubt that the proper approvals and permits were requested and obtained, thus not blaming the owners for this situation. This is common knowledge amongst the residents. I’m sure that the owners are displeased by this situation, as much as the residents are. The article portrayed the owner as a victim. Let it be clear, that the victims here are the Sand Bay residents, as well as the owners. We are all victims of a flawed decision-making process that was undertaken by the Clarendon Municipality that has led to a very difficult situation for all. This is a case of applying rules and policies blindly without ensuring good judgement and due diligence on the decision-making process.
I would encourage THE EQUITY to begin their next article on this issue by “A Problem has been created…” and focus on what created the problem, as opposed to pitting residents against each other. We are welcoming, generous and kind people in Sand Bay. I’m sure the new owners will realize that once this situation has been resolved. It’s unfortunate for all involved.
I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
Best regards,
Kim Mckay, Sand Bay Que.


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