Thursday, July 18, 2024

Celebrating local news

Every year, staff members from English language newspapers throughout Quebec gather to celebrate the best local news of the year.
The Quebec Community Newspaper Association hosts the awards gala each year that gives journalists a chance to pick each other’s brains and other staff members a chance to network.
This year, THE EQUITY took home several awards including best sports story, best news photo, best feature photo and the outstanding photojournalism award for the second year in a row.

Each week we try our best to cover the things that matter most to the community. We do our best to hold those in power to account, despite a modest newsroom of rookie reporters.
Each week when the paper comes out and we see people around the region reading our work, it serves as a constant reminder that people care.
Now more than ever local journalism is serving an important purpose.
Many of the stories that appear in our pages can’t be found in the bigger publications. The only time the big daily papers from the city turn their gaze towards the Pontiac it is because something tragic or sensational happened.
Local governments – while not as “sexy” as their provincial or national counterparts – impact citizens the most. From garbage pickup to property taxes, municipalities affect everything from the major issue to the mundane.
Local news, along with the rare super-engaged citizen, are the only ones paying attention to many of these decisions.
At MRC council of mayors meetings, the public gallery often sits empty – even after MRC council meetings were moved to the evening to make it easier for the public to attend.
With 18 municipalities in the MRC, it’s a daunting task to cover each and every one of their council meetings – especially when some are held the same night.
That’s why we appreciate those rare super-engaged citizens to help fill us in and let us know what to keep an eye on.
But the most important part of the whole equation here is you, the reader. Local news subscribers are becoming a rare breed.
While winning awards and gaining recognition from your peers is rewarding, it’s nothing compared to seeing people lined up at the cash at the grocery store with a copy of THE EQUITY under their arm.
As long as you keep reading, we’ll do our best to keep covering the things that are important to you.
Thanks for reading.

Chris Lowrey