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Coronation Hall Cider Mills celebrates 15 years

Glen Hartle
Bristol Oct. 7, 2023
In celebrating its 15th anniversary, Coronation Hall Cider Mills hosted the community in a show of gratitude and thanksgiving on Saturday for an Old-Time Country Dance.
The dance hall, built by the MacDougall family back in the 1930s as an extension to their Pine Lodge Hotel , was subsequently renamed to celebrate the coronation of King George VI. Its revival has been nothing short of integral to the community, and the dance over the weekend made that apparent in spades. The hall was full to bursting with community members of all ages.
The evening’s hosts, the Graham Family, joyfully offered cups and mugs of both their warm and cold ciders and were positively gleeful in receiving the community with open arms. Local musicians Dennis Harrington & Heritage Country took to the stage and brought the gathered out of their seats as the six-piece ensemble offered country classics that clearly resonated with the audience.
This translated to a dance floor full of waltzes, polkas, two-steps, square dances and everything in-between.
Adding to the enjoyment of it all, Tyler McCann took the mic after a short break and brought a gaggle of youngsters onto the dance floor offering evidence of their aspiring progress in becoming seasoned square dancers. While McCann called the moves, little cowboy boots and hair ribbons spun, twirled, and do-si-doed to the delight of all.
If the spirit of Thanksgiving has method, it was made manifest all around: the hosts in their generosity and celebration, and the guests in their enthusiasm and appreciation. This was the best of community and an anniversary done right.


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