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Father honoured

Le Patro founder Fr. Marc Frappier was honoured for a milestone at the party. From left: Frappier shows off the certificate, received from Pontiac MP Will Amos, for his 30 years of dedication to the organization and area.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
June 24, 2018
Le Patro’s founder was presented with a special recognition on Sunday, amidst all the fun at the site’s annual St. Jean Baptiste celebrations.
Fr. Marc Frappier was given a certificate for 30 years of service to the community with his work at Le Patro by Pontiac MP Will Amos, as guests enjoyed a day of games and entertainment, complete with live music and a fireworks show to round it all out.
With all of Le Patro’s activities open, Patro Director Suzanne Dazé said their spot on the Ottawa River was quite popular all through the afternoon. Guests enjoyed the use of the mini golf course, the splash pad, various sports and much more as the party began at 1 p.m.
Seeing nearly 300 guests at one point, the only thing to dampen the spirits of the party-goers was a bit of late afternoon rain.

“Then it turned cold and everyone started to go home, it’s too bad,” said Dazé.
She said folks, chilly and wet, started to leave at this time because of the disappointing weather.
Still, the party continued into the night as the rain cleared up and slowly people returned for rocking live music.
As Blast from the Past played their classic rock and French tunes, the weather turned clear paving the way for the fun to continue into the night, as organizers prepared to put on their fireworks show.
Rounding out the celebrations was the dedication from Amos to Frappier, for his continued service to families in the area. The MP highlighted Frappier’s devotion to locals, before helping serve up some cake in light of the day’s events.
Of course, Frappier and the success of events like the St. Jean Baptiste bash would not be possible without the support of many volunteers, highlighted Dazé. She wanted to extend her thanks to all of them that have continued to make their party the best it can be.