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Hunters gather for third annual duck dinner

The Pontiac Delta Waterfowl Chapter held their third annual dinner on Saturday at Magnum Outfitters Lodge in Davidson, where over 110 people came together from the club. From left: Stephane Rancourt, Benoit Ladouceur, Nicolas Ladouceur, Luc Ladouceur, Chris Fortin and Rhéo Fortin.
The dinner has raised $10,000 for the organization in the past, with the Pontiac chapter using their portion of the proceeds to fund their youth activities. From left: Mars Dumouchel, Julie Dumouchel, Philip Sharpe, Eric Dumouchel, Jennifer Godin and Brian Duval were all smiles at the annual dinner.
There was close to $10,000 worth of prizes to be won at the dinner, across a variety of raffles. From left: Stephanie Ladouceur and Chris Bertrand ran the raffle for the evening’s most valuable prize, the 12-gauge Franchi shotgun, engraved with the organization’s logo.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
DAVIDSON March 10, 2018
An annual club meal saw duck hunters gather at a restaurant in Davidson on Saturday, but they weren’t there to discuss fowl play.
The Pontiac Delta Waterfowl Chapter held their third club dinner at Magnum Outfitters Lodge, where tons of prizes were raffled off and over 100 people gathered.
“We’re the first chapter in Quebec to ever hold a dinner,” said Chris Bertrand, chapter president. “We want to be involved [with our members] and I want to keep the kids involved.”
Bertrand explained that while his group started with only two young duck hunters, they’ve now got 14 youngsters registered with them. The Delta Waterfowl organization prides itself on keeping the traditional hunting activity alive by appealing to a wide demographic and encouraging youth to join their community.
The restaurant saw over 110 people gather inside, where all sorts of raffle draws were being held. Many of the raffles were based around a unique draw to determine how many ballots the contestant would receive.


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