Saturday, September 23, 2023
Letters to the Editor

Let’s keep it that way

Dear Editor,
I know that you publish all letters to the editor but apparently Ms. Barber from Luskville, Que. is not so sure. She says in her letter on Sept. 7, “ My note: I doubt that this will be printed. And worrisome, frightening times, appear almost as history is being repeated. May a greater power take notice, soon.”
Ms. Barber, who is this “greater power” you speak of? Are you hoping for divine intervention? Or military take over? In fact, what is the point you are trying to make in your letter? It is great you are writing in, but what are you saying?
I agree that these are frightening times. But haven’t you left out some of the most frightening aspects? Our planet’s climate is changing (as a result of human activity) and producing locally noticeable devastation, yearly tornadoes, drought, floods and heat waves which have impact on our lives and livelihoods. However, you choose to focus on some fellow who made a personal choice to dive out of a tall building. You chose to use the tired and fictitious terms “mainstream media”.
My sense is that you hope to bring more unity and peace to the world. Noble endeavour. I do too. I suspect many people hope for that. My worry, however, is that you will try to ease your fear in the tough and inconsequential promises of rich strong men who promise to make some place great again.
Greatness is an illusion. Big blustery talk that suggests they can change a global trend locally, like inflation, but fail to speak about inequality and climate change.
I hope you will begin to look at all media … if you feel mainstream is not telling it honestly seek smaller press, but please do not get sucked into the conspiracy propaganda machine.
There is a country or two or three where people are jailed for saying what they see instead of repeating the national propaganda used by the “greater power” to restructure reality. Ours is not one of them. Let’s keep it that way. Will you help?

Andrea Goffart
Beechgrove, Que.


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